Mlais M52 Red Note, smartphone under $200

If you're looking for smartphone with a really good hardware and of course with cool design. Then you definitely need to think about Chinese smartphones. Because for...
ZTE Blade S6 Plus available from EU warehouse

ZTE Blade S6 Plus available from EU warehouse with coupons

If you are looking for high-quality smartphone and at the same time cheaper phone then you should definitely consider ZTE Blade S6 Plus. It is now also available...
Kingzone Z1

Another LG G3 clone called Kingzone Z1 with superior hardware

Newer Chinese company Kingzone will soon release their new model called Z1. Also at the end of the article I have a coupon code for you. Anyway...
Mlais M52 Red Note

Cheapest 64-bit smartphone Mlais M52 Red Note

After a certain time Chinese company Mlais will present cheapest MTK6752 smartphone. It is called M52 Red Note and the price will be around $145! So believe...
oppo phablet lte

Is Oppo planning a LTE phablet

Oppo have confirmed that LTE conference will be on 10th June. Where we can find out more about this leaked information and see what really will be....
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