meizu mx3 review

Meizu MX3 Review

I have the honor to present to you the Meizu MX3 smartphone, I am very happy because I have a chance to show you how great is...
Vphone i6 is a iPhone 6 clone

Vphone i6 – iPhone 6 clone Test and Review

Before iPhone 6 was released, Chinese already has done a job with their smart phone called Vphone i6. So Vphone i6 is a iPhone 6 clone with...
ipega PG-9027 Bluetooth remote control camera self-timer

Ipega PG-9027 bluetooth remote control review

Hey I have a really cool gadget or to be precise I have a bluetooth remote control self timer for iOS and Android smartphones. This remote control...
Kingsing S2 - LG G2-G3 clone Review

Kingsing S2 – LG G2-G3 clone Review

Kingsing is a newer company from China and recently they released a new smartphone called S2. So I'm very happy to have an opportunity to introduce to...
NO.1 S7 review

NO.1 S7 Samsung Galaxy S5 clone review

NO.1 S7 is a smartphone or to be precise is a clone of popular device Samsung Galaxy S5. NO.1 is a Chinese company which has most the...
ThL 5000

ThL 5000 review, chinese phone with a 5000mAh battery

Hi, I think you will love this review because I have a beast called THL 5000 which is really unique phone first because it has battery with...
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