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Interesting facts

If you usually spend two hours and 20 minutes a day on your phone – which might seem fine, you actually spend the full 35 days a year!

Mobile devices now account for more than half of wagers placed at online casinos. Here’s a good recap of what the playing experience is like at various sites that focus on mobile users.

With the advancement in technology, many people have opted to switch to android smartphone due to their amazing specification.

Did you realize that the android releases are usually made in alphabetical order; the first one was known as Astro and currently we have Marshmallow.

Android was one of the first mobile operating systems to accept online casinos on to its platform. You can find the best android casinos at 

With an Android phone its very possible to always update your smartphone in case there is new invention.

Another interesting thing is that the name Android refers to a male robot while a female robot is known as Gynoid

To date, the android has 46 Different languages which can make it possible to use the application in various languages.

All other Android versions apart from Android 1.0 and 1.1 were named after desserts and confectionery.

The most innovative iGaming slot mechanics perform effortlessly and deliver an outstanding player experience when played at the best mobile casinos.

Did you know that google maps usually show the traffic by tracking how the Android devices are moving in a certain area?

Google company usually make a statue in it headquarter for each and every version it releases.

The rise of mobile devices across the world increased significantly after Steve Jobs officially announced the iPhone in year 2007. This was good good news for online gamblers because no registration casinos started to appear on many places, like a few of those reviewed on

Samsung did not see any potential in Android and chose not to invest in it, which was luckily picked up by Google just a couple weeks after.

HTC dream was the first android phone to be released in 2008.

Initially, the iPhone was not supposed to become a smartphone. Steve Jobs actually told his engineers to explore the idea of ​​touch screens and tablets. Because there were currently no touch screen widgets. Later, the engineers brought some prototypes for Steve Jobs of their touch-screen tablet. However, he liked this design and told the engineer to switch to a smartphone. Because there were no tablets on the market at that time, Steve Jobs thought that the new device might not succeed. However, later, they apparently made the iPad. Check out the iPhone Geeks website for more cool facts.