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5 best college majors



If you’re looking for a college major, this list of the 5 best college majors should be helpful. Each of these fields offers many opportunities and potential career paths to help set you up for success after graduation. This could help you when considering your future education plans.

1) Nursing – This is a great degree choice for those who want to help people and demand. You can pursue many different career paths depending on what interests you, from critical care nursing to public health nursing.

Nursing is growing faster than most careers, and it offers a variety of opportunities. Due to the number of time nurses spend with patients, they often see the past, present, and future. They can help people in need.

Nursing is one of the hottest jobs in America right now, with nursing skills being in demand all over the country. As a result, nurses can earn up to $100k per year on average, making it a great career path for those interested in helping others while also making bank! The best part? With an RN degree, you’re never at risk of losing your job since there’s always someone who needs help no matter when or where they are!

2) Computer Science – This is the only STEM field on this list because computer science degrees are growing exponentially every year.

The median salary for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science ranges from $62K to $102K annually depending on experience, location, etc.. Hence, there’s no doubt that you’ll be set up well after graduating with this degree.

With all the new internet company’s and tech innovations popping up, this degree will continue to be in high demand.

3) Business Administration (BA) -A BA allows students to learn about business fundamentals and develop analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Decision-making, which will benefit them in any career field they choose after graduation.

The curriculum includes marketing management or finance courses while understanding how these fields work together within a company’s structure. This major provides several opportunities for postgraduate schooling, including MBA programs where graduates could earn their graduate degrees before entering into careers with increased responsibility levels.

4) Engineering is a great college major because it provides students with a practical education designed to prepare them for the workplace. Graduates will be in demand in many industries, including industrial, civil, mechanical engineering, and architecture.

One of the best aspects about an Engineering degree is there are so many things you can specialize in, from nanotechnology to aerospace engineering, all while earning money right out of college! There is much cheap research paper writing service that can help you if you need online and want a good start.

5) Accounting: An accounting major offers several postgraduate opportunities, such as attaining your CPA or master’s degrees. The accounting field is growing fast thanks to technology like cloud computing and Big Data analytics. Accountants are needed across every industry sector from finance to healthcare– which means they’re always busy! Not only do these professionals work hard, but they are well paid too!

Special mention:

Pharmacology is growing as a field, and this is due to the increased efforts from pharmaceutical companies to find new cures for diseases like cancer. Pharmacology will also benefit from 21st-century trends such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information technology.

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