Actually it is quite easy to add watch faces for your Chinese smartwatch. In the next few sentences we will tell you how to do that. For this purpose we have No.1 S9 smartwatch which is based on Mediatek chipset. In other words you can use these tutorial for any other Mediatek smartwatch.

All watch faces are in VXP formt, and you can download it from here.

Before you do that first you will need to install Mediatek Smartdevice from Google Play. After that you can choose and download several different VXP watch faces.

After you download watch faces, every seperate watch face has three different files. First you will need to extract it, and then copy all files in appmanager folder on your smartphone.

After that you will need to run Mediatek Smartdevice app, then you’ll need to click My Application and choose which VXP watch face you want to install. And that’s it! So you can see it is actually really easy to do that.

What is your favorite watch face?


  1. i did all steps you mention here, but when i tap on the face i want, it shows the message “dou yo want to uninstall the application?”

    what could i have done wrong

  2. As long as the watch has a mediatek chipset, which pretty much all generic chinese smartwatches do, then it should work flawlessly. I have a Cancgo K89 smartwatch I bought from the wish app. I downloaded the mediatek app from the playstore. 1. Sink mediatek software to your watch. 2. go to, and search for vxp compatible watchfaces (android ware has their own format, but vxp is for any mediatek chipset ). 3. Download whatever vxp format watchfaces you want. they’ll be in zip or rar format. make sure you’re downloading them to your smartphone, as this is where you will be adding the faces to the watch. 4. go to the download folder on your smartphone (under the phone storage, not sd card storage), and there, you will see the watchfaces you downloaded in zip or rar format. 5. select a watchface, it will say “extract to”. 6. go to “appmanager” folder on your smartphone (under phone storage, not sd card storage), and there is where you will extract the watchface folder. choose that watchface folder and open it, and you will see 3 files. The .png file, the .xml file, and the .vxp file. copy those three files, separate from the main folder, to the appmanger file, then delete the main folder you extracted. 7. once you’ve done that, if you open up the mediatek smartwatch software and go to the “my applications” selection, you wll see the watchface you copied to the appmanger folder on the phone. just hit install and it will install it. Done!

  3. If mediatek doesn’t work, download Fundo. It pretty much has the same interface as mediatek. Hope this helps.

    • I want somebody to answer this ques because im also having a lot of troubles trying to do this shit in iphone. Should i use an android phone for this job?

  4. in fundo wear i get the option to install but still nothing happens. pop up shows up saying “try later”. all the time. any ideas? im using a LYNWO T8.

  5. For digital clock face has more than 3 main files (sometimes more than 100 files). I copied it to app manager folder, but could not find it.

  6. I have an A1 smart watch and I can’t seem to connect it with the MediaTek SmartWatch app or the FunDo SmartWatch. But according to the specifications it has a MediaTek CPU MTK6260A. Any ideas?