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$70 Xiaomi Red Rice 4A unvield with photos!



Last week the co-founder of Xiaomi president Lin Bin, has introduced a new generation of Red Rice called 4A. For the start if you are asking yourself what is the main difference between model 4 and 4A, that answer is quite easy because basically they are the same except fingerprint identification scanner.

5039c279fe804d71bd8eeee07af38fb7 Red Rice 4A has medium strong hardware, so under the hood it has Snapdragon 425 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB for storage space. It will have 5 inch screen with 720p resolution, while the battery will have 3120mAh capacity.

As title says the price will be $70 which is actually very cheap, and the sale will start on November 11. Also below you can see photos.

f12cc08e361048e59ad446213fa70b47 1f1eb5081c0247f1ac6881f0e05fd841 Source: mydrivers

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