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Battery comparison of Elephone P5000 with other



elephone p5000 battery

As I have wrote before about really interesting phone with best battery life called Elephone P5000. This time I want to say a few more words about his battery which actually has 5350 mAh capacity. So this is definitely unique. In this article I will write about several interesting stuff like quick charging, Lithium Ion vs. Lithium Polymer and battery comparison.

First and foremost Elephone P5000 supports functions called reverse and quick charging. So what is reverse charging? Reverse charging is possibility that your own smartphone in this case Elephone P5000 serve as a power source like power bank thanks to powerful battery. So in other words for example if your friends phone is empty you can charge it just connecting it with USB cable. You can also fully charge iPhone 6 three times!

elephone p5000 battery (1)

The other function called quick charging is allowing you to charge your phone much faster than usual. In my opinion this is another great function because we all know that in average needs several hours to charge your phone and sometimes you don’t have time to wait. With this phone you get a quick charger 5.2V 2.5A which charge 70% of total capacity in only half an hour! So in approximately one hour you have a full charged phone. And you don’t need to wait several hours for this any more.

Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer , what’s the difference between this battery types? Lithium Ion battery are heavier and they are more explosive so they require IC circuit. And they also do not need priming when the device is first used. Lithium Polymer are lighter, has less self aging and they will discharge at up to 10 amps. They can also be thin as credit card.

elephone p5000 battery (2)

From photos we can see that Elephone has done a great job because comparing all three battery with can see that battery used in P5000 is only slightly larger than other but at the same time it has almost 2 time bigger capacity. Therefore they succeeded with something larger battery provide much higher capacity. In this case 5350 mAh, where with continuously use it can last 4 days! What is most impressive for today smartphones. For more information you can visit the official website.

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