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How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller [Full Guide]



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The allure of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) extends beyond its impressive hardware and vast game library—it’s also encapsulated in the DualSense controller, a device that redefines immersive gaming. Yet, amidst the rush of next-gen gaming, players worldwide are keen to understand: How long does it take to charge a PS5 controller or recharge this innovative piece of technology? By comprehending charging times and methods, you can optimize your gaming sessions and ensure your DualSense is always ready to transport you into gaming realms.

Key Takeaways

  1. Typical Charging Duration: Around 3 hours from a zero to full charge.
  2. Diverse Charging Options: From the PS5 console to wall adapters and specialized docks.
  3. Variables Impacting Charging: Battery’s current state, cable type, and charging source all play a role.

1. Charging via the PS5 Console

Directly connecting your DualSense to the PS5 with the provided USB-C cable is the standard method. This usually sees a fully depleted controller reaching 100% in about 3 hours.

Charging through the PS5’s rest mode is beneficial, as it not only allows for charging when you’re away but also keeps the controller firmware updated.

2. Charging via Wall Adapter

Utilizing a wall adapter can sometimes provide faster charge times, especially if the adapter delivers a consistent power output.

Always ensure the voltage and current specifications match those recommended for the DualSense controller. While tempting, super-fast chargers might expedite wear and tear on the battery.

Wall adapters also allow gamers to free up USB ports on their PS5 for other devices or simply for a neater setup.

how long does it take to charge a ps5 controller
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3. Charging via Docking Stations

Charging docks, designed for both aesthetics and functionality, can simultaneously charge multiple controllers.

Some advanced docks have individual LED indicators showing the charge level for each controller, providing a clearer idea of charging status.

Charging docks not only declutter but can also be a stylish addition to your gaming setup.

Factors Influencing Charge Time

  1. Initial Battery State: Naturally, a controller with some residual charge will fill up faster than one completely drained. A battery status indicator on the controller helps gamers gauge this.
  2. Cable Integrity: Quality varies, and while some USB-C cables can handle more power and deliver faster charging, others might slow down the process. The length of the cable can also influence charging speed; shorter cables often provide faster charging.
  3. Ambient Temperature: Batteries charge more efficiently at certain temperatures. Extremely cold or hot environments might slightly alter the charging time. Ideally, charge in a room-temperature setting.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Battery Health: For long-term health, avoid letting your controller’s battery drain completely regularly. Lithium-ion batteries, like the one in the DualSense, prefer partial discharge.
  2. Disconnect Once Charged: It’s generally a good idea to unplug the controller once it’s fully charged, as keeping it plugged in perpetually can lead to reduced battery lifespan over time.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller: Conclusion

As you immerse yourself in the high-definition, ultra-responsive world of PS5 gaming, understanding your DualSense’s charging intricacies becomes paramount. A fully charged controller ensures uninterrupted gameplay, and a well-maintained battery promises longevity. When the stakes are high in a game, your DualSense shouldn’t be the reason for a timeout. Equip yourself with this knowledge and game on PS5 with confidence!