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Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Tablets Join Android Enterprise Recommended Program



Photo: PIxabay

Samsung Electronics today announced that it will join Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led program aimed at making it easier for enterprise businesses to integrate mobile solutions into their operations. Samsung’s participation in the program gives Samsung’s customers added assurance that it meets – and in fact exceeds – the hardware and software requirements set out by Google for the enterprise.

“Samsung is committed to helping our enterprise customers modernize their business for the digital age with an industry-leading offering that includes customizable hardware, easy-to-manage software and end-to-end security,” said KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B Team, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “By joining the Android Enterprise Recommended program, we are making it even easier for enterprise customers to build a mobile experience that protects employees, keeps them engaged and enhances operational efficiency by meeting and exceeding Google’s standards for security, productivity and flexibility.”

Longstanding Partnership Between Samsung and Google

Since the very beginning, Samsung and Google have worked closely together to provide enterprises with the best and most secure mobile experience possible. The two companies joined forces nearly a decade ago to address the most pressing challenges businesses are facing today: maintaining productivity, protecting the workforce and offering flexibility.

Specifically, over the past two years, Samsung and Google have partnered to:

  • Harmonize Android Enterprise and Samsung’s Knox Platform for Enterprise to offer a seamless experience for Android customers who were also looking for Samsung’s advanced capabilities in security and device management.
  • Synchronize our mobile device enrollment services (Android zero-touch enrollment and Knox Mobile Enrollment) to offer enterprise customers a variety of services that help streamline the employee onboarding experience and re-deployment of devices.

“We are excited to welcome Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets to the Android Enterprise Recommended program building upon our longstanding partnership to deliver great mobile experiences to businesses,” said David Still, Managing Director of Android Enterprise, Google. “Samsung’s participation in the program ensures Google’s customers have access to devices that offer outstanding security, efficiency and productivity and we look forward to working together more in the future.”

Read more about this in the Android Enterprise blog here.

Samsung’s Relentless Commitment to Enterprise Customers

Samsung has a proven track record in delivering mobile-first enterprise solutions that help companies prepare for the business of tomorrow including Galaxy Enterprise Editions, ruggedized smartphones and tablets, cutting-edge security solutions, flexible configuration and deployment options, and innovative lifecycle management services.

Samsung is constantly innovating to offer the best solutions possible for enterprise customers, even beyond the requirements set out by the Android Enterprise Recommended program, as part of its Samsung Knox Suite, which offers exemplary industry-leading security and management features such as:

  • Advanced security features, such as Dual-layered Data-At-Rest encryption, Real-time Kernel Protection, Defeat Exploit, and Sensitive Data Protection to protect our enterprise customers from emerging threats;
  • Authority for IT administrators to tailor or configure Samsung devices to their specific needs right out of the box and manage them from a central location by establishing a wide range of IT policies;
  • And a system for IT administrators to easily manage their employees’ operating systems and software updates remotely to make sure the latest OS versions and security patches, once tested, are readily available for all employees.

“SAP was one of the first companies to understand the positive impact mobile technology can have on improving the productivity and overall wellbeing of our employees,” said Christian Lohde, Head of Android Experience at SAP SE. Samsung’s mobile enterprise solutions allowed us to work within the constructs of our infrastructure to easily integrate devices and ensure our business is always up and running. Their inclusion in the Android Enterprise Recommended program is further proof of the benefits Samsung can bring to enterprise businesses.”

“Centrica relies on its mobile workforce to provide the best experience possible for our customers,” said Andy Warren, Head of Mobile Telecommunications at Centrica. “Samsung has ensured our mobile fleet stays online and is protected against the latest threats impacting business today and we look forward to welcoming more Samsung products after their inclusion in the Android Enterprise Recommended program.”

What This Means for Galaxy Users

Select Galaxy devices running Android 11 and above, such as the S20, Note20, Tab S7|S7+, and ruggedized devices including the XCover Pro will become a part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program. This provides customers with even more options that meet Google’s standard requirements and ensures consistent device performance and user experience for businesses. Together, Google and Samsung will continue to push boundaries and deliver the best experiences possible in order to help enterprise customers everywhere achieve their digital transformation goals.

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