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TCL S720 Google Play Fix



TCL S720 Google Play error

If you have recently bought a smart phone TCL S720, you have probably a problem with application Google play which gives you a error. To get working Google play, first you need to have rooted phone. If your TCL S720 is not rooted then you need to do this before you can do anything else.

After you do that you need to edit build.prop file. And I need to tell you that this solution works for AOSP factory Chinese UNICOM ROM.

You need to find three lines like this in build.prop file:



In this three lines you will find information from S720. To repair Google play you’ll need to edit this lines and write something as above. This information is from Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from USA AT&T. But you can write for any smartphone, but it is important to write precisely correct code name.

After that Google play application will work. Sometimes Google play application is not working because some Chinese smart phones does not have proper licence from Google. Also Google play is not working in China because of Great Chinese Firewall.

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