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Another beautiful smartphone from China called Blackview Alife P1 Pro



Blackview Alife P1 Pro

I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised because lately we can see more and more beautiful phones from China. So in this situation the Blackview Alife P1 Pro also has really nice design very similar to iPhone. Which is really popular and many people like this,so this is a good move from this company.

It is also very interesting because the Blackview Alife P1 Pro for this price range has 2.5D Arc screen with HD resolution. When I take a look specifications for this smartphone I can see that it has very good hardware for this price range which is actually under $150.

It has 64-bit CPU MTK6735P with speed 1 GHz and it has also 2GB of RAM. From Chinese company Blackview have decided to put 16 GB memory for storage so more or less you have enough space for storage your photos, games and other precious files.

Front fingerprint ID scanner is also excellent feature on the Blackview Alife P1 Pro because in this way you can easily secure your phone from unwanted use. Okay I think potential buyers will also be interested in battery capacity. So I can say that it has high capacity of 3000mAh.

So you if you decide to buy this smartphone you will not regret. Also if you are interested to buy it you can buy it at these Chinese shop at lowest price.

Blackview Alife P1

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