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Really nice Beelink i68 TV Box with 4K H.265 decoding




Many people bought TVs a few years ago and most of them does not have smart functions while those having are very limited. So because of that people are not satisfied with that and also not convenient to buy a new TV because of high prices.

So the reasonable conclusion is to buy smart TV box like the Beelink i68 which expect smart functions has powerful hardware and very low price. So for the start I can say the price is only $81.68 which is very low for what it offers.

Also if you will be interested to buy the Android TV box called Beelink i68, then you are able to buy it at this shop for the above price.


This TV box is based on 64bit octa core CPU Rockchip RK3368 and in this hardware combination it has 2GB of RAM. It has excellent graphics engine which provides great experience when you are using XBMC which runs smoothly. The Beelink i68 TV Box also supports 4K hardware decoding from local media which is very impressive for this price range.


From other information I can say that it will be delivered with latest operating system Android 5.1. So for connectivity it uses wireless connection. So you can see that the Beelink i68 is very good choice for this price range and if you are interested to buy it you will not regret it. Just visit the above link.

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