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Are you looking for drop-proof and water-resistant tablets? Here’s what to consider before buy



Photo: Pixabay

To stay connected and perform basic multitasking from time to time, you need a powerful device that can also survive the most challenging conditions. Unfortunately, most industrial-grade tablets are not consumer-friendly and significantly differ from standard or commercial-grade tablets. For example, they have extra-padded cases with robust processors that offer more battery life than the average tablet. 

They’re great for businesses, and they work well for industrial workers, data entry folks, and business operators. But, of course, they can be used for entertainment and web browsing too. For intensive use, the best water-resistant tablets have a solid case to protect them from accidental falls, making them an excellent option for people who work in a busy environment. 

What is a rugged tablet?

Rugged tablets are industrial devices designed for use in harsh or extreme conditions and commercial environments. Unlike most tablets, they are severe. We say this because they come with toughened glass, reinforced frames, rubber bumpers, water-packed seals, and tough skin, making them incredibly durable.

Why do you need a waterproof tablet?

The type of tablet you require depends on your needs – if you need it for warehouse work, sunlight exposure, or water protection. Some people would instead not use a rugged tablet because they are uncomfortable for children to use or too heavy for older folks. However, for anyone in a dangerous environment, these military-grade tablets will work flawlessly with no compromises. They’re sure to last even in the harshest conditions. With that in mind, they possess the ability to be destructive in worse weather conditions. There are quite a few factors to consider before buying a rugged and waterproof tablet. 


The choice of an operating system is highly dependent on user preferences. Therefore, you must choose wisely within the three operating systems, Android, Windows, or iOS. What works best for you will give you a satisfying experience.

If you like games more, lots of customization, and apps, then Android might be a great idea. On the other hand, IOS devices are easier to use, with some quality features and apps. Lastly, Windows is the best in terms of high-powered performance.


The IP rating describes the protection rating of a particular product, followed by two digits. The first number one IP rating defines dust protection, while the second number represents the water resistance rating. IP 54 is considered a rating benchmark, but the higher the numbers, the greater the protection.


Drop rate means how far you drop your tablet from a certain distance to keep it running. It is recommended to opt for a tablet that has a drop rate of up to 4 feet. Also, check the ability to fall multiple times.


While working in the field, you should consider a tablet with a powerful battery to survive the entire shift. Unlike commercial-grade tablets, these industrial-grade tablets come with long battery life. This is because you don’t want to end up charging your device from time to time. Also, to avoid the hassle of battery charging, you can consider a dual battery system. Then, if one of your batteries dies, you have the second batch of backup batteries ready to serve you for a long time.