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CUBE Thinker i35 – Best Xiaomi Air alternative



You know there are other companies like Xiaomi which produce good quality products. Everybody knows that their products are great quality but sometimes they are too expensive like Xiaomi Air. So because of that we are looking for some good alternatives and if it’s possible better in some ways. We believe that we have finally found best alternative which is actually CUBE Thinker i35.

According to many it has much better and stronger hardware, but also it is cheaper or in other words it is affordable. So for the start we can tell you that Thinker i35 has premium feeling like much much more expensive notebooks.

But at the same time the price is several times lower, and at this moment the price is only $639. Therefore we have also prepared for you coupon code: RCUBE for discount (see last part of the article). After using a coupon code the price is $608.99.

Hardware & Performance

As main features we can tell you that CUBE Thinker i35 has 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, and it is based on 7th Generation Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor.

We believe that SSD is great choice because in this way your notebook will work much faster than with regualar hard drive.

Screen & Display

Also we are very surprised to see 3K IPS screen (3000 x 2000 resolution) on CUBE Thinker i35 which is actually great feature. It will provide great experience for watching movies or playing games and other usual stuff.

Price & Availability

So you can see why we are telling you about CUBE Thinker i35. So if you are interested to buy it, then you can do that at Gearbest. At this moment the regular price is $639, but as we said earlier we have a coupon code: RCUBE which gives you additionally discount and the price is $608.99. Using the coupon code you can buy it at this link.

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