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Don’t waste your money at the Chinavasion shop



As you could see sometimes we are recommending some online Chinese shops, but unfortunately today we are writing a negative feedback or experience for Chinese online shop called Chinavasion. Unfortunately we have been forced to do that because if you visit trustpilot website you will see many negative experiences from users and customers.

From customers reviews you can read some titles like: ChinaVasion is a big bummer, Kiss your money good bye, WORST ONLINE BUSINESS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Absolutely Awful, Faulty products, zero customer service!, and so on.

screenshot_1 So according to customers they have no after sale support at all, actually they don’t care about their customers, and this is definitely not good!

In other words if you don’t want to waste your money, then consider other Chinese shop, but in the end it is still your decision where you will buy or spend money. So it is completely up to you, but we are scary when we read this kind of bad reviews about Chinavasion shop.

Also if you want you can share with us your experience for Chinese online shops.

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