Great news for Iocean M6752 users because from my friend I have received exclusive news. I say great news because now you have a chance to download update to Android 5.1 for M6752. This is the final version and it is running amazingly great.

If you want to download Android 5.1 lollipop you can do that here at this link. Also if you don’t know nothing about Iocean M6752. I can only say that this dual-sim smartphone is perfect in this price range and it has very powerful hardware like 64-bit CPU and 3 GB of RAM with dual 4G LTE support. Also for more information please visit the official website.



  1. Why does de update download Android 5.1 for IOCEAN 6752 ALWAYS stop at 99%???
    Please awnser and help me.


  2. Hello Johnny,

    I finally succeeded in downloading the software on my laptop.

    Can you please explain HOW I can update my Iocean M 6752 with it, with a cable connection?

    Can you send me an email?

    I don’t see install files.

    Thanks! Regards,


  3. Hi,

    I finally succeeded upgrading my Iocean Rock M6752 to Lollipop 5.1.
    I backed up everything on the phone to PC.
    I downloaded the firmware zip. I extracted the scatter txt file.
    I used MTK smartphone flash tool from
    I downloaded Android CDC driver from same website,
    I downloaded and installed both to Win XP.
    Then I did something similar as in youtube Iocean X8 update: “iocean X8 mini lollipop update instructions”.
    It seems to work fine, some small issues, otherwise totally usable.