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How exactly is an efficient bug zapper?



Bug zapper, insect killer or mosquito trap, they are all well known electrical devices designed to kill annoying insects and flying bugs in our homes.

This post isn’t about choosing the best insect killer device, it is about trying one and explaining how efficient it is.

For this purpose we have tried one basic and cheap device. It has 4 fluorescent purple LEDs and 7 wires in front of those LEDs. Wires are charged and lethal for small flying insects.

How does this trap actually work?

Well, we can say that all is in purple fluorescent light. This light attracts all flying insects and bugs. Just like your home light, where you can see many insects gathering, this purple light won’t bother you while you are in bed sleeping, and still it will attract all kinds of annoying flying little objects. Light is a bait, and wires charge is a deadly weapon.

Once attracted, flying bugs and mosquitos have to pass charged wires in front of those LEDs. While flying through, they make contact and release electrical charge through their wings and body. That is the last time you will hear buzzing from that mosquito.

Bug zapper, mosquito trap

Mosquitoes or any flying bug then stays on wires, while the insect trap is ready for another intruder. Overnight this bug zapper can kill every insect in the room. In the morning, just turn it off, clean wires and dispenser dishes, making the trap ready for the evening.

Our trap is quite efficient, small and easy to operate. Small flies, mosquitos and other flying insects, they all come into this trap. Take a close look at these pictures, where you can actually see small flies and mosquitoes stuck on electrical wires.

To choose a bug zapper

You can find bug zapper on Amazon store, and choose appropriate model for your home. Find a bug zapper (ultraviolet LED light + electrical wires) and don’t worry about annoying insects flying around.

Bug zapper is known as an electrical discharge insect control system, or simply told as an electric insect killer trap. Insects are attracted by a light source inside the trap, and killed by an electrical grid aligned across that light.

These traps, they all work in the same way. However, you can choose different models and buy one that fits your needs. There are models working on house electrical networks, some on batteries and some of them using small current (computer USB plug). Choose your insect killer trap and sleep without buzzing sounds.

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