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How To Connect PS4 Controller To Phone: Simple And Quick Fixes



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In the dynamic world of gaming, the ability to pair your PS4 controller with your phone opens up a universe of convenience and enhanced playability. Whether you’re a casual gamer seeking to improve your mobile gaming experience or a dedicated enthusiast aiming to maximize your gaming setup’s versatility, understanding how to connect your PS4 controller to your phone is a game-changer. This guide delves into the various methods to establish this connection, ensuring a seamless gaming experience on your mobile device.

Connecting via Bluetooth

The Bluetooth method is the most common and straightforward way to connect your PS4 controller to your phone. This wireless connection offers convenience and mobility, allowing you to play games from a distance without the hassle of cables.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Enable Bluetooth on Your Phone: First, ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. This is usually found in the settings menu under ‘Connections’ or ‘Bluetooth’. Here, you can toggle the Bluetooth feature to ‘On’.
  2. Put the PS4 Controller in Pairing Mode: For your controller to be discoverable, you need to put it in pairing mode. Press and hold the ‘SHARE’ button (located on the top left side of the controller) and the PlayStation button (the round button with the PlayStation logo) simultaneously. Continue holding these buttons until the light bar at the top of the controller starts flashing. This indicates that the controller is now in pairing mode.
  3. Pair with the Controller: Go back to your phone’s Bluetooth settings. You should see a device named “Wireless Controller.” Tap on it to connect. If prompted, confirm the pairing. Once connected, the light bar on your controller will turn a solid color, indicating a successful connection.
how to connect ps4 controller to phone
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Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Ensure your PS4 controller is charged.
  • If the controller doesn’t appear in your Bluetooth list, try restarting both your phone and the controller.
  • Keep the controller close to your phone during the pairing process.

Connecting via USB Cable (For Android Phones)

Using a USB connection is a reliable alternative, especially for phones that may have issues with Bluetooth connectivity. This method requires an OTG (On-The-Go) cable, which is an adapter that allows your Android device to connect to USB devices.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Prepare a USB-OTG Cable: Obtain a USB-OTG cable. One end is a USB connector (to connect to the PS4 controller), and the other is a connector compatible with your phone (usually micro-USB or USB-C).
  2. Connect the Controller: Connect the USB end of the OTG cable to your PS4 controller. Then, plug the other end of the cable into your phone’s charging port.
  3. Automatic Recognition: Most Android devices will automatically recognize the PS4 controller as a game controller. You’ll know it’s connected when you can navigate your phone’s interface using the controller.

Benefits and Considerations

  • USB connections offer a more stable connection without lag, which is crucial for fast-paced games.
  • Not all Android phones support OTG cables, so check your phone’s compatibility first.
  • Some games may require additional settings adjustments to use the controller.
ps4 controller gaming
Image: Pexels

Connecting via Third-Party Apps (For Unsupported Phones)

For phones that do not natively support connecting a PS4 controller, third-party applications can be a solution. These applications can bridge the compatibility gap, allowing your phone to recognize and use the controller.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Download a Third-Party App: Download an app like ‘Sixaxis Controller’ from the Google Play Store. These apps are designed to enable compatibility between your PS4 controller and phone.
  2. Follow App Instructions: After installing the app, open it and follow the on-screen instructions. These apps typically require you to grant certain permissions and may guide you through a setup process to ensure the controller is properly connected and configured.
  3. Customize Controls: Many of these apps allow you to customize the controller layout and sensitivity, providing a tailored gaming experience.

Key Points to Consider

  • Some of these apps may require root access to your phone, which could void your warranty or cause other issues.
  • The effectiveness of these apps can vary based on the phone model and the app’s compatibility with current operating systems.
  • Always read app reviews and research before downloading to ensure the app is reliable and suits your needs.


Connecting a PS4 controller to your phone can revolutionize your gaming experience, offering the precision of a console with the portability of a mobile device. Whether through Bluetooth, a USB connection, or third-party apps, the process is straightforward and opens the door to a new realm of gaming possibilities. Embrace this fusion of console and mobile gaming to elevate your play to new heights.

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