As they announced Oukitel U7 Plus is officially online, and it looks awesome. From what I can see it is very similar to iPhone 6s plus. I’m not surprised to see that they have decided to use very similar design to iPhone because these kind of design is very popular.

But of course there are some differences, for example the Oukitel U7 Plus has fingerprint sensor on the backside while the home and back button on the front. Also it has 2GB RAM same as iPhone 6s plus, but when we talk about internal storage it has 16GB.

While in terms of benefits U7 Plus has smart gestures to unlock device to a targeted APP, while iPhone don’t have this feature. Definitely camera is also very important, and according to the company U7 Plus takes a sharper and clearer photos than the iPhone 6s plus. However, for the download speed, U7 Plus is totally win over iPhone 6s plus. When U7 Plus already finished downloading and install an application, iPhone 6s plus is still 5% downloading.

And last but not the less important is definitely the price because at this moment price for Oukitel U7 Plus is only $89.99 which is almost 9 times cheaper than iPhone 6s Plus.