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How to properly dispose a cell phone



Many people these days very often changes smartphones, literally they are changing them as socks. However, if you do that it may happen that you gather a bunch of old a cell phones which you don’t need any more and you don’t know what to do with them. The best solution is to properly dispose it or recycle.

Also it is recommended to do several steps before you recycle a cell phone. Back up your phone information like contacts, photos and other important data. After that you should clear your phones data or to be precise it is advisable to put smartphone to factory settings. In this way this process will delete all information stored on your smartphone.

DSC_0921 So if you have definitely decided to dispose a cell phone, for this process you will need to consider what is right way to do that because the smartphone is not a piece of paper or some other ordinarily item which you can just put in garbage can. Likewise every bigger city has certain locations where you can properly recycle a cell phone. In this way you save the nature and environment which is definitely important, and the process is very simple.

But if you don’t want to dispose the smartphone then you can donate it to someone. The very idea of donating is also cool and you already know that there is many non-profit organisations for this purpose like Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Source: gearfuse

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