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Raspberry Pi tube amplifier for Hi-Fi headphones up to 300 ohms



So far, we have seen numerous modifications for small Raspberry Pi computer, which was located in robots, intelligent alarm system, arcade machines, and now comes in the form of tube amplifier intended for expensive Hi-Fi headphones.

The company Pi Design 2 on Kickstarter in just three days raised the required $ 20,000 for bringing to market an amplifier called “Hybrid Tube Amp for the Raspberry Pi” labeled 503HTA, and at the time of this writing, have already collected about $ 80,000.

If for some time now you are in Hi-Fi streams, then we do not need to talk for what you can use tube amplifier (or any amplifier) for headphones, when you can directly connect to your smartphone, CD player or stereo, but for those less experienced we will only say that the quality Hi-Fi headphones with greater resistance must “wiretapping” amplifier as it will otherwise be “silent”.


In addition, “lanterns” or tube amps offer a special warm and clear sound, which no digital product can do that, but in spite of its tremendous development of the technology of transistors and chips, tubes (lamps) are still produced and installed in the highest quality and the most expensive hi-fi amps best known brands.

But that would not turn out that for some turbo-ass Hi-Fi headphones type Audeze LCD 3 that cost about $ 2000 necessarily need to have an adequate amplifier does not lower prices, Pi 2 Design offers an alternative with its tubular amplifier 503HTA working on small-scale Raspberry Pi 3 computer, and via kickstarter you can order it for only $ 109 (£ 718), including the lamp of choice.

Despite the low price,  503HTA is still able to work with all stereo headphones with resistance from 32 to 300 ohms.

For sound quality you should not overly worry because the authors also come from the Hi-Fi industry, although we would like to check it with some kick-ass headphones, maybe not Audeze, but then at least for a little more accessible model Oppo, Shure and Sennheiser headphones.

Source: Kickstarter

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