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A special day: Big sale up until 11.11 on GeekBuying!



If you’ve been shopping from Chinese e-stores for some time, you’ve probably noticed the date “11.11” thrown around quite a few times. That’s because 11.11 is “Singles Day” in China, a day dedicated to people who are single. While it originally had a very different meaning, today it’s mostly known for being dedicated to massive discounts and shopping sprees.

Like many other Chinese shopping sites, GeekBuying is having an “11.11” sale which lasts from first of November to eleventh. During that time, GeekBuying will be having many sales and activities for you, and now we’ll take a look at few.

First activity is the “Daily check-in” which requires you to once a day log into GeekBuying. Upside of it is that you may win a $1111 coupon that you can use on any product from the GeekBuying store. Even if you don’t win the big coupon, just checking in every day will grant you a $20 coupon so that’s one easy way to do it!

There will also be a two day “shopping spree” event in which you’ll see the best deals on the site. That’ll be during the last two days of the event, so be sure to stick around! During the 11.11 festival, there will be over three thousand items on discount. This is a great way to get some things you always wanted for cheap.


We also have some coupons you can use! Check them out below ↓

$2 off $10 – 01GEEKBUY (Daily limit of 100 pieces)
$2 off $30 – 02GEEKBUY (No limit!)
$5 off $30 – 03GEEKBUY (Daily limit of 100 pieces)
$7 off $70 – 04GEEKBUY (Daily limit of 100 pieces)
$15 off $200 – 06GEEKBUY (Daily limit of 50 pieces)
$50 0ff $700 – 07GEEKBUY (Daily limit of 50 pieces)

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