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UMi Super: rumors suggest really great specs



On the smartphone market may soon appear one new dual-sim smartphone with excellent specifications that comes from very popular Chinese company UMI.

Name of the announced dual-sim smartphone is UMi Super, a company that is currently making this phone is dedicated to be worthy of the word “Super”. From some of the previous rumors we have learned that this phone will be equipped with dual rear cameras, while the front side will adorn Super AMOLED display borderless, sounds great does not it?

But that’s not all folks, because  UMi Super allegedly will have USB Type-C port for audio standard of the smartphone, but also for its ultra-fast charging technology. Also under the hood it will have generous 6 GB of RAM and all at the cost of some three hundred dollars.

We wonder what type of processor will be enough strong to support the 6 GB of RAM? And there’s an easy answer for that, to us immediately comes on mind Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU. Which will surely come in hardware combination of these Chinese smartphone.

We have to admit that these hardware specifications sounds great. The company UMi is generally known for good quality dual-sim smartphones that have more than reasonable price, and we believe that UMI SUPER will not be an exception.

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