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XiaoMi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker Specs & Price info



Bluetooth speakers can be very useful in many different ways. So on the market we can see many different products from different companies but of course many people will be interested in XiaoMi Bluetooth speaker because everybody knows that these company produce high quality products at affordable price.

As you can see this speaker is not only beautiful and fashionable but it is also powerful like any XiaoMi device. From what I can hear it provides high sound quality things to stereo speakers with loudness up to 90 dB.

So for the connectivity it uses Bluetooth 4.0 and in just several steps you can connect your smartphone with these speaker. But you can connect it to other devices like computer, tablet or even TV. It has built in Avnera AV3102 chip which provides high-quality sound. From other hardware   fd information I can say that this XiaoMi Bluetooth speaker has built-in large capacity battery with 1500mAh. It provides approximately eight hours for listening music.

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