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Genie Screw Drive Lubricant




Genie garage door openers are well known and popular product on the US market. Rough numbers show us that 8% of new homes have a Genie garage door opener installed. Besides that, this company also makes professional line openers, replacement parts, and accessories.

If you are looking for a lubricant for the Genie Screw Drive garage door opener, this product is what you’re looking for.

Genie Screw Drive Lube

This lube will reduce noise when the garage door operates, and it is a manufacturer-recommended product. This universal lube has Genie approval and it works with all Genie screw drive door openers.

Genie screw drive lubricant enhances cold-weather performance, removes moisture, and reduces noise and poor operations.

Genie Screw Drive Lubricant

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Maintain Genie garage door opener with approved and recommended Genie lubricant.

This product comes in a 0.25 oz original package.

Maintenance With a Lubricant

Using this Genie Lubricant you’ll reduce garage door opener noise level. Apply this screw drive lube annually, on moving parts. Keep your garage door opener silent and smooth while operating. This way you’ll extend the work-cycle of the screw drive rail.

It is specially designed for Genie garage door openers. Genie lube is designed specifically for Genie screw drive opener rails. Manufacturers recommend using only genuine lubricants for their products.

How to apply lubricant? The lithium-grease composition applies quickly and easily. The package is designed for easy appliances, and one tube should lubricate the entire screw drive.

Maintain your garage door opener system at least once a year. Screw drive lubrication is recommended for application in 1 in. dab at 3 points along the rail once per year for best results. When used regularly, a garage door opener operates well and without any squeaky noise. Lubricant shall extend garage door opener lifetime.

Symptoms of poor screw drive lubrication

If you notice that your garage door opener is loud or acting up, check for dry spots on a screw drive rail. If you notice any trace of dust, moisture, or lack of lubricant, apply Genie lubricant immediately. Lubricating the screw drive may solve the problem. The Genie GLU-R screw drive lube shall reduce garage door opener noise, it keeps your door operating smooth and prolong the long life of the screw drive rail. It’s designed specifically for Genie screw drive opener rails and is the only recommended lubricant for Genie garage door openers.

The lubricant is made of lithium grease. Packaged in a way to apply easily, one tube lubricates the entire screw drive system.

The Genie Screw Drive Lubricant is specially formulated to use on the shaft of all screw drive garage openers. The manufacturer recommends regular appliances. When used regularly, the lubricant will enhance the performance of your garage opener.

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