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Iocean M6752 Review



It’s been a while since I tested the phone from Iocean company. So I am very delighted because I have again opportunity to test their newest device called M6752 „Rock“. From before I remember that all phones from this company were high-quality so I hope that the Iocean M6752 will be the same quality as older models.


Design and build

So talking about design and build quality this dual-sim smartphone is made from plastic where the frame is made from Megnalium. The build quality is very good and they have cared every detail in production. But when it comes to design everybody knows that these days in smartphone world is very important appearance so in Iocean company they come to idea to create a device which has something completely different so they have created a case with a really cool effect. So the Iocean M6752 has the effect of sandstone texture and I can say it looks really cool. This effect is especially a visible on the back cover. Overall they did a great job and I’m completely sure that you will like it.


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The Iocean M6752 has 5.5 inch full HD LTPS screen which is really fantastic. During use I noticed that this screen provides super sharp display with bright colors. Contrast is also great at 1000:1 so outdoor visibility is also satisfactory thanks to high contrast. So if you will use the phone on strong sun then you definitely will not have any problems to see the screen display. While the screen digitizer or touchscreen is accurate and precise and during use I had no issues. So for example when I have played the games or while I was writing sms messages everything worked completely normal.



Performance and benchmark testing

When you see the price for this dual-sim phone now, you can logically say that it is a budget device but with very powerful hardware. So under the sandstone hood it has impressive 3GB of RAM which is definitely rare in this price range and even in more expensive devices. The Iocean M6752 is based on MediaTek M6752 which is made from octa core CPU with speed at 1.7 GHz. They have prepared 16 GB memory for storage which can be upgraded with memory card up to 64 GB of course if you need more storage space. For gaming and watching HD movies they have decided to use Mali760 MP2 GPU. So you can see this phone has pretty strong hardware which will be enough strong for every purpose including gaming. I have personally tried several games and all games worked with out lags. Below you can also see benchmark results.


Benchmarks test results

  • Antutu Benchmark v5.7: 35703
  • Geekbench 3: 803/3563
  • Vellamo: 2379/1666/1245





My phone has arrived with installed Android 4.4.4. KitKat system which performs very good. During use everything worked smooth without any problems and lags. It is additionally customised by Iocean company and it looks really cool. You have ability to choose desired theme, there are also gesture control functions, wireless update and many more. Overall I am very satisfied with stability of this operating system.


Connectivity and GPS

When you take a look you will noticed that it has all available connectivity functions and much much more like support for dual 4G LTE network, support for 3G network, dual Wi-Fi, GPS and of course Bluetooth. So you can see that for wireless connectivity supports 2.4G/5G Band, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. It is also interesting that supports dual 4G so it means that supports FDD LTE and TD LTE frequencies such as FDD-LTE B3/B7/B20, TDD-LTE B39/B40/B4. For 3G network supports WCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz. This is definitely great because this phone you will be able to use almost everywhere. Wireless has excellent connectivity range and GPS works with precision of 1 m. Where for the first time you need to wait at least one minute to get working GPS.


Camera Quality

According to the Iocean company the M6752 has 14 megapixel primary camera while the front facing camera has five megapixel sensor. But in reality primary camera has effective 12 megapixel while the front facing camera has 4.7 megapixel. Anyway after taking photos I can say that the photo quality is very good, almost the same quality as on older models which is definitely good. So for this price range certainly exceeded all expectations and below you can see photo samples.

Photo Samples

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Battery life

It comes with 2300 mAh removable Li-ion Polymer battery. So you can see that it could be better with stronger battery or to be precise with high capacity battery. But what is done is done and with out Wi-Fi on average using it can last approximately one day so you will need to charge your phone everyday. But logically this is not the problem for you because it supports fast charging. So you can in a less offer one hour charge approximately 50% of total capacity.


The iOcean M6752 is definitely great choice in this price range now. It offers a really nice design and high build quality. Excellent 5.5 inch full HD screen, powerful hardware with 3GB of RAM. There is also support for dual 4G network, dual Wi-Fi and very good 14 megapixel camera. So when you consider all I am convinced that there is no better phone in this price range. Also if you need more information you can visit the official website.

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