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Kmashi Force K2 jump starter, power bank Review



Lately we can see many power banks on the market and for me this is not surprising. Kmashi Force K2 is completely different power bank comparing with other because mostly power banks are the same with only one difference which is battery capacity. But for me and I think for others the most interesting feature is jump starter function that the Kmashi has.

Kmashi Force K2

jump starter So this power bank has additional function called jump starter which allows you 12V emergency car jump start. In other words, you can start your car if the car battery is empty.

This function is very useful because you never know when your car battery will be empty and you will not able to start the car. For this purpose you will get car starter cable.

car starter cable According to the company it has capacity of 8000mAh. In other words, to see if this capacity is real I have first fully charged the battery then after that I emptied the battery fully. So from my calculation it has approximately 6100 mAh capacity. It supports fast charging 5V 2A so in other words you don’t need to wait too long if your device supports quick charging.

Kmashi Force K2 USB

Kmashi Force K2 it has one USB port for charging other devices like smartphones, one port for 12V emergency car jump start and one micro USB port for charging itself. It has also LED light which is actually strong and power bank can be used as flashlight also.

Force K2 ports Overall I am very satisfied with build quality and available features. Kmashi Force K2 has multi-protection, support for fast charging and really interesting function 12V emergency car jump start. The price is around $40 and for this kind of power bank I think the price is fair. If you want to see more about Kmashi or to buy it please visit this site or official website.

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