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MangaStream Alternatives and Where to Read Manga Online?



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It can be said that there’s not a person who hasn’t heard of anime or manga in their lifetime. Worldwide, many children are being exposed to anime and manga from a very early age. Most of us have heard of anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball, or Bleach. And we were being introduced to this Japanese art via video and card games like Yu Gi Oh or Pokémon.

Once upon a time, live-action movies with special effects were quite limited. Before, making such movies was rare because it required a huge budget for special effects and companies couldn’t afford that. Therefore telling fantastic stories with special effects was much more possible through animation. 

Fast forward to today, where live-action movies are being made constantly due to CG. But people who got caught up with anime before CG are hard-core fans that we see today. 

Generally, there are many reasons why people love to watch anime, and one of the reasons is special effects. Big eyes, and big drops of sweat dripping down the face, and over-the-top facial expressions are just some of the unique and well-known effects in anime. 

Anime is filled with bright colors and adorable characters and in a way, anime offers us a safe space because it reminds us of a time when we were children. 

Watching anime is the same as watching any other live-action movie or series and it’s a form of entertainment that allows us to escape from the harsh reality from time to time, which is very much needed right now. 

The Appeal of Manga Novels?

People often have this misconception about manga and Japanese animation in general. 

They think that it is meant for kids even though that cannot be farther from the truth. 

The stigma around animation and manga exists from the very beginning and it has never stopped. If an adult is watching anime or reading manga novels then he is perceived as crazy, overweight, unclean, and has zero social interactions. 

Generally, those words speak volumes and it’s the indicator that those malicious people don’t know what they’re talking about and it’s obvious that they have never given a  true chance to dive into Japanese culture and art. 

There are plenty of reasons why people enjoy reading manga novels. The first and most obvious reason why someone likes manga it’s because some people simply prefer to indulge in the realms of their imagination rather than their senses. 

The second reason why people love manga is that their storylines are very appealing and creative therefore addictive. Once you read one novel you just want to go to the next one, and then the one after that, and then the one after that… you get the point.

Finally,  you can never get bored of manga.  The reason for that is because they are done in such a beautiful way, you can easily see that a lot of time, energy, and effort has been invested in each page individually.  Then, there are over 16 000 mangas, meaning that you can never get enough and it’s an amazing time-killer for sure. 

Alternatives to MangaStream

MangaStream was considered one of the most popular and largest websites that has been operating for over a decade. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and in September of 2019 this website shut down and the era of this sensational website had come to an end. 

There has been a lot of speculation going around about why Mangastream shut down for quite some time now.  And, one of the speculations is that they have been running the website for over a decade and they wanted to step down from the throne and give chance to others to be in the spotlight. 

This speculation was quickly debunked and the real reason shed the light. The reason why Mangastream shut down is because they had to. They have been operating illegally by scanning versions of original comics, therefore, causing copyright infringement. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of similar platforms and Mangastream alternatives that offer the same services as mainstream did, and that’s a never-ending list of comics to read for free.

#1 MangaHere



  • Payment Type: Free/ Ads
  • Website Language: English
  • Language Support: Only English
  • Library Size: Massive
  • Manhwa Titles: Yes
  • Manhua Titles: Yes
  • H-Content: Limited

MangaHere is considered to be one of the most reliable websites for reading your favorite manga online. One of the biggest reasons why this website is such a success is because it doesn’t contain advertisements.

On this site, you can connect with other manga enthusiasts. You can write comments and express your opinions about some chapters and start serious conversations with fellow manga enthusiasts. 

Apart from all of that, you can add bookmarks into the manga you’re reading as well as create your own library so all of your favorite stories can be found at one place. 

For most readers in the anglosphere, MangaHere is one of the best MangaStream alternatives and a great way to read manga online with excellent translations.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Regular updates


  • Bad phone layout

#2 MangaPanda

Manga Panda


  • Payment Type: Free/ Ads
  • Website Language: English
  • Language Support: Only English
  • Library Size: Massive
  • Manhwa Titles: Yes
  • Manhua Titles: Yes
  • H-Content: Limited

Mangapanda is another comic website where you can read manga for free. This site has blossomed over the years due to its extensive catalog and numerous different comics. 

On this site you will see all kinds of manga genres, from comedy and romance to horror and thrillers. The whole library is divided into multiple categories so you will easily find what you are looking for. 

The interface is very user friendly therefore that will for sure be the first thing that will catch your eye. Because of this it is not only one of the best MangaStream alternatives, but might be actually superior in some regards.

For manga beginners following comic books will surely intrigue you: One Piece, Goblin Slayer and Boruto. No matter what you choose you will not be disappointed and you definitely won’t think you’ve wasted your time.  


  • Easy to navigate
  • Regular updates


  • Bad phone layout




  • Payment Type: Free / Ads
  • Website Language: English
  • Language Support: English Only
  • Library Size: Exceptionally Massive
  • Manhwa Titles: Yes
  • Manhua Titles: Yes
  • •        H-Content: Yes

Kissmanga is yet another online platform where you can enjoy reading some of the most popular comic books in the world. This site has one of the most user-friendly interfaces out there. Kissmanga is designed in a way to please the audience in every way possible. 

On this site you can watch anime versions of mangas, you can request new manga episodes and you can report errors because providing total support and comfort to its users is the number one goal of this site. 

Most anime-lovers will recognize the platform for its cousin, but with the difference that it is a place you read manga online and not watch anime. For those familiar with the UI this might be one of the one of the very best MangaStream alternatives out there.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Regular updates


  • Bad phone layout

Guide to Finding Best Places to Read Manga Online

If you are starting to take interest in Japanese culture but you are hesitant to watch anime, then manga is a great beginner step that will definitely lure you into the magical word of this fascinating culture.

Generally, those who like to read comic books will be thrilled with Japanese comic books a.k.a. manga.

Before you hop on the internet to read some of the best Japanese comic books, you need to carefully choose what online manga website you will be reading. 

The reason why you must take the time to choose the right website is because many sites are made with the purpose to make money rather than actually serving and pleasing their audience. A lot of manga can have very poor quality and that itself kills the reading experience.

If you are a beginner there are certain steps that can help you find the right manga website just for you. Three main steps are:

  1. Check the user experience
  2. Check the number of ads
  3. Always have options

The first and most easy way to find out if a manga website is good is to check the user experience on it.

 But, if you really want to give it a chance then go for it yourself. If there’s any problems while reading manga or manga quality is subpar then you should probably continue searching for a better website. 

Next, we are all aware that reading manga online for free comes with some kind price. And that price is having the nerves to sit through the ads.

Ads are the main income to the people behind a site, but if it gets out of hand, meaning, if there are simply too many ads popping up and disturbing your reading experience then you should probably look for another site. 

Finally, it is always possible that the website shut down out of blue, therefore you should have two to three more options for reading manga. 

Don’t Go Off the Anime 

Although anime has started in Japan, the fan base is spread all over the world not just in its origin. There have been a handful of misconceptions about anime that are simply not true. 

Some of the myths need to be debunked in hopes to finally be able to put an end to some straight-up nonsense. 

People have this misconception that anime is not popular and only Japanese watch anime. While it is true that anime is not as popular as Hollywood movies and TV shows, that’s because anime is not considered the ”norm” of entertainment.

On the other hand, if it was true that anime is being viewed only by Japanese, the majority of people who work in dubbing studios would lose their job. But, by the looks of it, it seems like they are doing just fine. 

Next big misconception people have is that animes are all the same. In reality, there are over a dozen different anime categories. Animes have the same categories as regular movies and TV shows. From romance and drama to sci-fi & fantasy, it has it all. 

Finally, there is this misconception that all anime are pornographic. This statement is truly nonsense. For some reason, people like to generalize anime and make it seem like there’s no diversity. 

Just as there are live-action pornography movies there are also anime that are pornographic. Most popular hentai are yaoi and yuri. Nonetheless, anime are very diverse and that is just one of the many genres people can choose from. 

Translators are Everything 

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty it is that animes are popular around the whole globe. And, for the ability to watch anime and understand them we have props to give to translators.

Translating anime is a very difficult thing to do, especially translating Japanese because there are numerous words that have no direct Western equivalents.

Translators are under a lot of pressure because they are under tight deadlines therefore they have to work very quickly to get the translation done.

Due to the complicity of literal translation, mistakes get made along the way. But, we all need to have more compassion for translators. 

They are trying their best to convey the meaning in the best way possible and to synchronize all that with the voices of characters and more importantly not lose the main point of stories.

Types of Manga to Read Online 

When it comes to manga there are a lot of genres that are covering numerous different topics and  themes. Some of the most common and popular manga genres include romance, horror, action, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and more. 

Before you start reading manga, you must decide what you are interested in and what your personality is. And according to that pick the manga genre. 

Don’t’ forget that many mangas are serialized therefore always start with the first story and work your way up. If you start from the middle you are not going to understand what’s happening and more importantly why certain things are happening. 

Finally, you should know that reading manga is different from reading any other book. The main difference is in manga you read from right to the left side, not another way around as usual. 

Shonen & Shojo – For Boys and Girls 

When people talk about anime and manga there are many Japanese terms that get thrown around, leaving the beginners confused because they are yet to be introduced to this world.

There are five most basic types that target specific demographic:

  1. Shonen
  2. Shojo
  3. Seinen
  4. Josei
  5. Kodomomuke

Keep in mind that these types don’t denote the genre like romance, horror, action, rather they are labels intended for a specific audience. 

Shonen anime and manga’s main target demographic is young boys under fifteen years old. Top three shonen anime and manga series are Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. In the world of anime enthusiasts they are better known as the “Big Three”. 

On the other hand, shojo represents the type of anime and manga intended for girls under the age of fifteen. Translation of the word “shojo” is literally “young woman”. Romantic plots and relationship problems definitely and primarily take place in the shoujo series. 

Seinen – For Men 

Seinen is one of the most popular and well-known types of manga and anime. The word “seinen” translates to “ youth”. The target audience for this type is men between 18 and 40 years old. 

Storylines of this type of anime and manga focus on more serious subjects like politics, psychology, violence, sex, philosophy, and all kinds of conflicts. 

It can be quite frustrating choosing the right seinen series, therefore here’s the list of some of the most popular seinen series of all time:

  1. Berserk
  2. Ghost in the shell
  3. Plastic memories
  4. Grave of the fireflies
  5. Gantz

Berserk is a tale of revenge and rivalry that has a kinda silly beginning but as the storyline develops it rapidly becomes one of the best literary works in manga of all time. 

Ghost in the shell has a very complex storyline that will probably leave you confused if you don’t pay close attention while watching it. The beautiful thing about this movie is that every sentence is there for a reason and it is crucial to pay attention to every detail.

Josei – For Women 

Josei manga is a type of manga and anime that contains stories that are intended for women from ages of 17 to 40. Word “josei” translates to “comics for women”. The main storylines for this type of manga and anime revolve around romance and love. 

Unfortunately, josei manga is not as popular as the rest of the types therefore it has a least amount of translated series in English due to lack of exposure and interest. 

If you are interested in diving in josei manga and giving it a fair chance, here’s a list of most popular josei manga:

  1. Loveless
  2. Honey and clover
  3. Paradise kiss

The main reason why josei is so underrated and underappreciated is that, generally, most anime and manga lovers are males. So, of course, they are not head over heels about finding true love and dealing with relationship problems and drama revolving around it. 

One thing that could potentially raise the rating of this type of manga is to insert some elements that are closer to the male audience such as violence and conflict. 

However, this type of manga can no longer be called josei because it will not be exclusive for female audiences therefore it will lose its authenticity. 

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