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Mipow review: Smart E27 LED bulb controlled with your phone



Do you want to set a really cool colourful mood in your home? Then read our Mipow Smart E27 LED bulb review.

Smart home is becoming more popular in the world because we have more and more smart gadgets everyday available on the market. Thanks to Internet it is also very easy to buy it. Here’s our Mipow Smart E27 LED bulb review.

mipow-box If you have recently or some time before bought some LED lightbulb then you have probably paid it several dollars or something like that, so prepare yourself because the Mipow costs $14.99. For that money you can buy several LED bulbs. But this is no ordinary bulb and you will see why I am telling you this.

Smart-E27-LED-bulb-mipow For many people it might look like every other ordinary bulb, but the Mipow is a smart E27 LED bulb which you can control with your smartphone or even with tablet. It offers many useful and cool features and of course you can do a lot more than just switch it on or off.

The Mipow is 5W LED bulb with a class A energy rating. Your slot should be E27 because the screw-fit bulb is E27. Also if you want to control the smart functions then you will need Android or iOS device.

mipow-e27 Setting the Mipow is quite easy actually, of course first you need to screw it into the lamp which you will use it. After that you can use it as any ordinarily LED bulb. But if you want to use smart functions then you need connect it with your smartphone using the Bluetooth connection.

Before that you’ll need to install application which is available to download. After you install the application you will need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Just one thing I want to say you don’t need to be connected with the bulb for ordinary work, meaning it can be switched on and off with a physical switch but for smart features you will need to be connected with Bluetooth.

When we’re talking about smart functions, the Mipow offers a large pallette for colors. You can choose any color you want from white, blue, green, yellow, orange and many other. There are also options for effects, brightness. There are also modes like, party modes, flashing modes, pulsing modes and many other.

Overall the Mipow smart E27 LED bulb is really cool which hasmany interesting features, it is very easy to use. Also it is A energy rating therefore it is a small consumer of electricity. If you are interested buy it at lowest price you can do that here.

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