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Oittm – 5 In 1 – Apple Multifunction Charging Stand Review



At the beginning we must say that we are pleasantly surprised with Oittm – 5 In 1 – multifunction charging stand for Apple products. It has all required features, and at the same time the price is very low.

So it is affordable for everyone because the price is around $37. But as we said earlier it is very useful gadget for charging Apple products like iPhone or Apple Watch because you can charge up to five Apple devices at the same time. But for more information continue reading.

Build quality

Actually it is very important when we speak about the build quality because you don’t want unnecessary problems. Therefore Oittm -5 In 1 offers high build quality because the case is completely made from aluminum while the stand is made from good-quality plastic.

Also it is not too heavy and does not take much space, so you can normally put it anywhere in your room. For example you can put it by your bed. Therefore if you are curious cable management is done right, and it is not complicated. Actually it is quite easy to use it.

How to use

For the start you don’t need to worry because it has smart functions, or in other words it can defend your devices from high-voltage. So it can defend your devices against overheating, over-current and short circuit. Also it is quite easy to connect any Apple device to multifunction charging stand.

At the same time you can charge two Apple devices on the stand itself. For example you can charge iPhone with Apple Watch, or maybe you can charge Apple tablet with smartwatch. Actually it depends according your needs.

But on the side there are three additional USB ports for charging. So there you can connect three more devices which may or may not be from Apple. So you can charge smartphones or other gadgets from other company also, pretty cool right.

Price Info

So if you are interested in buying Oittm – 5 In 1 – Apple multifunction charging stand, then the shopping can be done at sites below:


As a whole we can say that these Apple multifunction charging stand is great choice if you are looking for cheap but at the same time high quality charging stand. To remind you the case is made from aluminum, it looks really nice. Also it is very easy to use because cable management is smartly arranged.

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