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PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality 3D Headset info



Maybe 20 years ago if you remember some companies tried to make virtual reality games, but they did not last too long because according to some scientists they were not too healthy. And now today again we have many different products for virtual reality, mostly for smartphones. The same situation is also for the PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality 3D Headset.

pimax-4k-uhd-virtual-reality-3d-headset-detachable-earWhich is according to many the best virtual reality 3D headset. It has high resolution 3840x2160P and 8.29 million pixels as the name suggests. Naturally the higher resolution gives you better experience, and from what we can see at this moment this gadget has higher resolution than competition like Oculus Rift. But it has also better field of view which is actually 110 degrees.

pimax-4k-uhd-virtual-reality-3d-headsetSo if you are looking for the best virtual reality 3D headset, then you should definitely consider PIMAX 4K UHD which is now on sale, and using the coupon code: LHPIMAX you can buy for $309 at this shop.

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