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Samsung China official statement: Galaxy Note 7 exploded because of external heating



Today we received official statement from Samsung China, where their conclusion is the Galaxy Note 7 exploded because of external heating. As we previously informed you about this huge problem where Note 7 is in the global recall of more than one market, the problem is not still completely solved but it will soon obviously.

It is also very interesting because we have information that the ATL battery supplier said in a statement, after a preliminary study that the battery is not directly related with explosions. Because there may be significant heat problems caused by other factors.

Because of that Samsung Electronics China released a formal statement after product quality inspection which they have carried out with detailed analysis showing the test results where we can see that phone exploded due to external heating.

At this moment they need to do further investigation, hoping to get full information soon as possible.

Samsung Electronics, the full text of the statement:

1474336796734 Source:

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