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Smart Fish Tank at MiOT Crowdfunding Platform



The range of unusual products launched at the MiOT Crowdfunding Platform is growing rapidly. The new AI Fish Tank will be perfect both for home and for office.

The cool thing about this aquarium is that the owner should not worry about the water changing very often.

Why is it called an AI Fish Tank? What smart features does it have?

The so-called AI means that the fish tank has smart functions like automatic timing for feeding, AI lighting, smart temperature control, water quality monitoring reminder, etc.

The Fish Tank features the modular design. Each element can be replaced easily.

The aquarium also features a four-stage advanced filtration system and three-speed oxygen conditioning. That`s why it eliminates the need for frequent water changes.

The fish tank can be connected to the APP through the cloud, allowing the user to know the status of the fish tank anytime and anywhere using a smartphone. The remote control feature is also available (temperature control, light control, etc.). Currently, there are two versions of this Fish Tank. The first one has a capacity of 30L and an embedded flower pot. The second model is smaller the capacity is 15L.

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