According to the latest information Apple will produce special version of iPhone 7 Plus for China market. Actually it will be produced in China’s exclusive color – China Red, and Foxconn Zhengzhou factory has already begun mass production.

Also the source said that the factory is still in the trial production stage, and at this moment is not in a large-scale supply, where the day’s output is between 200 to 300. But when we talk about delivery time then again at this moment we are not sure about it.

Some commented that now that the Chinese Lunar New Year has passed, began of trial production has been unable to catch the holidays period, and missed the Chinese consumer market time. The most obvious period after all for best selling.

So after the Spring festival maybe the sales will not give expected results for iPhone 7 Plus China special version. But again you never know because Apple is very popular in China.

source: techweb