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Tesla Arcade To Offer a Poker Game – But It’s Only In China Right Now



The Tesla Arcade feature is one of the most intriguing points on the Tesla vehicle’s touchscreen console. The arcade lets people play various games on the console while the Tesla vehicle is recharging. Tesla Arcade supports many games from new ones to classics like Missile Command and Asteroids.

The arcade feature is useful for people who want something to do while charging a battery. The point comes as it takes a while to charge the power source.

The Tesla Arcade system is going to receive a significant upgrade. But it will only be available in China at the start. Tesla has partnered with the Chinese game developer Tencent to bring online arcade games to the Tesla Arcade system.

Details on the specific games that will be available are unknown right now. The traditional Chinese game mahjong will likely make an appearance. A poker game may also arrive in the future.

Poker has become very popular throughout the world, including in China. The Tesla Arcade should have a poker game in China soon. There is a potential that this update will eventually reach other Tesla vehicles around the world.

What Power Works?

No one knows right now what specific poker style the Tesla Arcade will feature. But the Texas Hold’em and Omaha styles are the two most popular ones available today. Either of these formats may feature in the Tesla Arcade console system.

Anyone looking to play one of these games might benefit from understanding the rules. Let’s look at what makes these two games different. The basic principles are consistent, but the ways how people can play their cards will vary.

About Omaha Poker

First, let’s look at how Omaha poker works. Each player at a table will receive four cards. These are called hole cards, and each player keeps them a secret from the others at the table.

Each player will then place bets on whether they will have the best hand in the round. After that, the dealer will display the first card in the flop. The flop has five cards that each player can use alongside the cards in a hole. The dealer will reveal the flop one card at a time. Each player will then choose to add another bet to the pot or to fold and leave the round. The process repeats with each revealed card.

Any players that are left after all five flop cards are visible will have to take two hole cards and three flop cards and then make the best possible poker hand. The key is for a player to figure out which cards in one’s hole are the most valuable. The player must also determine what possible hands might come about based on what the flop may feature. While a person might have four useful cards in the hole, that player can only use two of those cards.

About Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em poker uses a similar betting structure with players placing bets in the pot at the start and between each flop card. Players can also fold if they feel they will not win anything. But there are a few things that make this different from Omaha poker.

In Texas Hold’em poker, the player has two cards in the hole. The player has more flexibility in how someone can use one’s cards in a game. A player can use both cards in the hole and three flop cards, or that person can use only one hole card. There’s even the choice to use the complete flop and no hole cards.

Finding the Best Winning Hands

The key to playing any of these poker games will be to know what hands work best. A poker cheat sheet can help players understand which hands are more valuable than others. Having three aces might be great, but a player with a straight in any form will beat that hand. Meanwhile, a full house with three 6s and two 10s sounds good, but it will be beaten out by a full house with three 9s and two 10s.

Poker has become very popular in China. It won’t be a surprise if the Tesla Arcade update in China features a poker game. The game could spread to other countries as well. The question here would be which poker type will appear.

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