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China’s first 5G network base station opened in Guangzhou!



According to available information, yesterday for the first time in China in Guangzhou University city 5G base station is officially opened for work. Actually this is a great news because high-definition content, and other stuff for communication will have more possibilities now.

The so-called “China’s first” means that the base station based on the 5G new equipment is in the test for the first time.  Also it is reported that the base station is a joint construction of Guangdong Mobile joint equipment manufacturers, and it will  meet the upcoming World Congress in 2017.

At this moment the current 5G speet test proves to be stable to maintain 2Gbps speed, which is 250MB/s.

Although the 5G international standard has not yet been finalized, domestic operators and equipment manufacturers have already begun to advance layout, in an attempt to seize the initiative.