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Vernee Thor E – 3GB RAM smartphone below $100!



We are very surprised to see this kind of smart phone under $100. Because many smartphones which same or better hardware are more expensive, and we can’t really say that the Vernee Thor E is cheap.

At this moment the regular price is $106.99, but these have also coupon code: ThorE4G. Using the coupon code the price is $99.99, and using the coupon code you can buy it at this link only.

Vernee Thor E

Also likes a few words about Vernee Thor E, where the device is based on octa core cpu Mediatek MTK6753. But when we speak about memory it has 3 GB of RAM including 16 GB storage space which can be additionally upgraded with memory card.

Also what is most interesting that it has big battery with capacity 5020mAh which is definitely a big advantage. Therefore it supports quick charging, and you will receive 9V 2A quick charger.

So we believe that Thor E is at this moment best choice under $100 or near that price.