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What Is New In MIUI 11?



The new MIUI 11 was unveiled at the presentation of Mi MIX Alpha and Mi 9 Pro 5G. The design of the new version was upgraded for better content viewing. In addition to this, the new ROM has got some interesting features we will talk about.

Dynamic Fonts and Modern Design

Visually the overall design has become more interactive and intuitive. The main focus was made on content watching. Also, the visual clutter was removed and it is quite noticeable — more free space in the main menu.

This feature will be appreciated by users who like to read something on their devices. The Dynamic Font feature lets the user scale the font size and chose the suitable weight of the text.

New Always-on-Display

The Always-on-Display feature has got the new fresh look. The breathing light effect creates beautiful visual effects of your notifications. There are a lot of dynamic themes available to choose from. Also, the user can create a personal lock screen adding favorite phrases or text.

Dynamic Sounds

The Dynamic Sounds effect lets the user set up Nature sounds as a notification sound. Also, the user can select 7 different sounds and every day the new alarm clock will gently wake him up.

Apps suite — efficient tool for work

Mi Work app suite offers user the cross-platform file sharing, wireless connection to printers. Just print the documents and photos from your phone using a wireless connection (supports more than 2000 models of printers).

Mi Go apps suite helps the user with some ticket booking and can enable the energy-saving mode which decreases the performance to basic functions and provides the battery life as long as possible. For example, this feature can provide the standby work for up to 24 hours on a 5% battery charge level which can be quite useful in travel.

Cross-device file sharing

New MIUI brings the user an opportunity for quick file exchange between mobile phones. Currently, this feature is available for OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi smartphones which run Android P and above. The exclusion is Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A, Redmi 7A, Redmi 7, Redmi S2.

Also, the file transfer between smartphones and Mi Laptops became available.

New file management

With the update, the users will get a Document Viewer that supports the most popular document formats. Run the files as easily as on PC.

Cast the content on TV

With new MIUI there is no need for cables to connect the smartphone to the TV. Project videos, games documents to the TV (supports more than 300 models).

Photo Management

According to the content, geolocation and time, the photos will be intelligently identified and grouped. The system will generate the story cards and short video movies based on photos and videos. So the user can open the thematic album and recreate the memories.

Also in the photo gallery, the user can see photos with a star. That means that the system has analyzed the quality of multiple similar photos and choose the perfect one. So now there is no need to sort similar photos in order to find the best one. The smartphone will do it for you.

Family Guard

Take care of the people you love. With Family Guard, the user will have an opportunity to track the location of the child in real-time.

Children’s Space

MIUI 11 prepared a lot of cool things for the children. Lots of entertainment and educational content especially designed for kids. Parents can customize the access and duration of use.

Screen time management

Nowadays in the digitalization era, it’s quite important to control the time of using gadgets. The screen time management will help you to ckeck the time spent in each app and the number of times the phone was unlocked.

Earthquake warning and SOS help

This feature is some kind of early warnings. If the earthquake occurs in the surrounding area the user will get a pop-up notification with an alarm sound. It will help user to take some measures for safety.

The SOS feature can help you to call for a help in some unpredictable situations. Just press the power button five times in a row and the system will send a help message with your location information to the contact you have previously added.

In addition to the mentioned above features there are some other features.

  • Game Turbo mode (block the incoming messages and supports fast screen recording)
  • Quick reply (let the user easily reply the messages while using the other app)
  • Auto-fill password (let the system save and store the passwords you use. All the information is encrypted for security).
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Samsung A01 core appears on Google Play Console with specifications



A new phone has been spotted on the Google Play Console. The phone produced by Samsung Electronics, the South Korea giant tech company, has appeared with the name Galaxy A01 Core. Samsung Galaxy A01 core is set to be launched anytime from now. The Galaxy A01 core is reported to be the lower version of the Galaxy A01 released in December 2019. Unlike Samsung’s regular phones, the Galaxy A01 core is going to be ultra-affordable, a budget model of Samsung. The new phone has surfaced on Google Play Console with its key specifications. It is certified with Bluetooth 5.0 at Bluetooth SIG with the model number SM-A013F_DS. This model number is similar to SM-A013F, which appeared on Geekbench listing. This new phone may be the same phone that appeared as Galaxy A01e. It is rumored that if it is the same phone, then Galaxy A01 Core will be the official and final product name of the phone.

Expected Specifications of Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

The phone appears to have 720 x 1480 pixels display with 320ppi pixel density. The chipset is a 3-year old MT6739WW, which is surprising as it is a rare platform. Although it is a modern smartphone SoC that provides a great Android experience, it is cost-effective, which seems to buttress the fact that the phone’s price is going to be a budget-friendly model, which might be the cheapest smartphone produced by the giant tech company. The new phone seems to have run on 1GB of RAM and the latest Android 10.0 version. What is unsure is whether it will run on the full version of Android 10 or the Go edition. But it will most likely run on the lightweight Go edition as it is precisely for low-cost devices. More so, the specs of the new Samsung phone appear to be similar to that of Nokia 1 plus, which also has a chipset of MT6739. Nokia 1 Plus runs on the Android 10 Go edition too. 

The model number of the new phone that appeared on the SIG listing has also appeared on the Wi-Fi alliance site. It seems to have a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n dual-band.

These are the specifications that have been released for now. Specifications such as physical appearance, camera quality, processor frequency, battery capacity, screen type, and other features are yet to be known. But this will be known soon enough, once the phone is unveiled.


Although there will be limitations to the ability of the Galaxy A01 Core, however, it will not be classed as obsolete. As said earlier, some of the specs are similar to that of Nokia 1 plus, and we know what the Nokia Phone is capable of. With the specs, it’s going to be able to run android apps and games. Users will also be able to play casino online and other games or software that require Flash or Java Technology. The display also appears with good graphics quality that will be good for media and games like slots, RPG and other games. With the Wi-Fi version of the phone, the connection to diverse wireless networks is guaranteed. The connection can range from mobile hotspots to mobile Wi-Fi, even to the modern Wi-Fi routers


Many people, especially the producing company fans, have their fingers crossed for the launching of the phone. With the approval from Bluetooth SIG and certification received from the Wi-Fi Alliance, it is an indication that Samsung will unveil the phone in a few weeks. Samsung products are always a big fish in the mobile phone market. Of a certainty, when this new product hits the mobile market, it will cause significant competition among devices of its cadre.

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ColorOS makes Android 11 Beta preview available on OPPO Find X2 Series



Photo: OPPO

ColorOS announced the availability of Android 11 Beta update for the recently launched flagship, OPPO Find X2 Series. The Find X2 Series is amongst the first smartphones in the world, which will have Android 11 Beta available for early adopters. Available starting today, the Android 11 Beta update on Find X2 Series is a testament to the close partnership of ColorOS and Google to deliver a highly customized, efficient, intelligent, and a richly designed Android-based mobile OS.

Announcing the Android 11 Beta update, Manoj Kumar, Senior Principal Engineer, ColorOS, OPPO, said, “With over 350 million users, OPPO is one of the key partners for Google globally that interacts with a huge and diverse user base. Working closely with the Android team, ColorOS will accumulate first-hand feedback on Android 11 Beta to identify, fix and enhance features for Android developers and end-users.”

Several features announced by Google on the Android 11 Beta are already present in ColorOS, such as a time scheduled system-wide Dark-mode and built-in screen recorder. The first preview of Android 11 Beta on the Find X2 Series will include these along with the following new features from stock Android:

  1. A dedicated Conversations section in the notification shade where you can easily view, engage and prioritise chats from various apps.
  2. A new floating Bubbles UI for messaging apps that enables users to create floating windows for individual chats to improve multitasking
  3. Improved privacy protection with additional one-time permission, permission auto reset, and background location preferences for more control over sensitive permissions

ColorOS will incorporate additional features from Android 11 Beta in its future beta releases.

Apart from the stock Android 11 features, the customizations ColorOS made for the Find X2 Series will continue to be available, including All Pixel Omni-Directional PDAF camera focus, HDR video Enhancement, AI Nature Tone Display, and OPPO Share, among the rest.

Developers and early adopters can download the update here starting today across all Find X2 Series phones. Please note that the beta release may contain bugs and uncertainties; it is only for developer use and not for use as an everyday driver.

About ColorOS

ColorOS is a highly customized, efficient, intelligent, and richly designed Android-based mobile OS from OPPO. With over 350 million global users, ColorOS supports more than 80 languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, and Indonesian.

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Photo: Xiaomi

Xiaomi is holding its 2nd ShotByMi Photography Challenge, providing an opportunity for Mi Fans to capture the amazing moments in life with their Xiaomi phones.

ShotByMi Photography Challenge is a long-term, innovative, and professional mobile photography contest. It was first held in 2019 and drew over 136,000 entries from 131 countries.

Photo: Xiaomi

This year, Xiaomi encourages more Mi Fans to tell their stories by shooting photos and videos, with the core idea of ‘Your vision, your story’.

There are three independently themed episodes, each one running for one month. The first theme is ‘Summer Vibes’, where participants can upload works that match the theme with no genre restrictions. In addition to photos, short videos are warmly encouraged for ShotByMi, so that participants can have more freedom to create inspiring visual works.

To ensure the professionalism and fairness of judging, ShotByMi 2020 invited a number of accomplished photographers as judges. Michael Yamashita, who has won numerous awards from industry such as the National Press Photographers Association and the Asian American Journalists Association, works as the lead judge. Three other influential photographers in different categories, Jordi Koalitic, Jord Hammond and Clay Enos, are also invited as judges. They will select the outstanding entries from each episode, including a grand prize of $5000 creative fund and a Xiaomi phone!

Photo: Xiaomi

As a company driven by our community, we encourage Mi Fans to choose their favourite work. Qualified entries will be displayed on the ShotByMi website and users can vote once for each work. For each category, ‘the most liked photo’ and ‘the most liked video’ will be awarded gorgeous prizes! All winners for the first episode will be announced before 10th August 2020.

Photo: Xiaomi

ShotByMi 2020 also receives support from other parties, including short-video sharing app Likee and an online photographers community 500px.

Xiaomi looks forward to sharing the beauty of life with Mi Fans by using our latest photography smartphones.

ShotByMi 2020 link:

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