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Why Are People Putting Numbers On Their Snapchat Stories?



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In today’s fast-paced world of social media, new trends emerge swiftly. One platform at the forefront of these trends is Snapchat. A trend that has sparked curiosity among users is the practice of posting numbers on Snapchat stories. At a glance, these numbers might seem random or nonsensical, leading many to wonder about their true meaning. This guide offers an in-depth exploration into why are people putting numbers on their snapchat stories and adopting this new trend.

Key Takeaways

  • Numbers on Snapchat stories have become a popular trend, reflecting personal meanings, challenges, or cryptic communications.
  • Participants should exercise discretion due to potential privacy concerns.
  • Understanding the context is vital for those curious about the numbers.

The Phenomenon: Numbers on Snapchat Stories

Personal Codes

One of the most prominent reasons users place numbers on their stories is for coded messages meant for certain individuals or groups. These numbers can signify an inside joke, a significant date, or a shared memory. For instance, two friends who met on the 7th of a month might use “7” to commemorate their friendship.

Others might use numbers corresponding to alphabets, where ‘1’ is ‘A’, ‘2’ is ‘B’, and so on, to cryptically spell out words or initials. It’s a way for people to feel a deeper connection, even in the vast sea of digital interactions.

Challenge-Based Numbers

Social media platforms like Snapchat frequently see challenges gain popularity among users. Numbers on stories can be a part of such trends where the figure corresponds to a specific dare or task.

For example, a challenge might ask participants to post the number of people they’ve dated or the number of times they’ve traveled abroad. It’s an engaging way for users to participate in collective activities while still leaving a layer of mystery for their viewers.

why are people putting numbers on their snapchat stories
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Cryptic Communications

Snapchat’s ephemeral nature makes it a favorable platform for sharing enigmatic messages. A user might post a number without context to stir curiosity among their friends. This approach can serve as a litmus test to see who among their circle is genuinely intrigued enough to ask about its significance. It’s a modern, digital method of discerning genuine interest from passive viewing.

Privacy Concerns

While it might seem harmless to post coded numbers, they can sometimes lead to unintentional consequences. Numbers can fuel gossip or become misconstrued, especially if they are misinterpreted by a broader audience. Therefore, users need to be wary of the numbers they choose and the possible interpretations.

Additionally, relying on cryptic messaging can sometimes lead to exclusion, fostering a sense of being “out of the loop” for those not in the know.

FAQs about Snapchat Stories

  1. What is a Snapchat story?
    • A Snapchat story is a collection of photos or videos that users share to their profile, viewable by their friends. Unlike direct snaps, stories remain live for 24 hours, offering a snapshot into a user’s day or experiences.
  2. Can I see who viewed my Snapchat story?
    • Absolutely. Snapchat gives its users the ability to check who has seen their story. Within the 24-hour window, one can access a list of viewers, offering insights into the reach and engagement of their content.
  3. How can I steer clear of or remain unaffected by these trends?
    • Participation in social media trends is always voluntary. If someone feels uneasy about a trend, it’s best to stay away. Curiosity about a number or trend should be addressed privately with the person who posted it, promoting clear and direct communication.


As Snapchat continues to evolve, so do the ways users communicate on the platform. The trend of posting numbers on stories is a testament to the creativity and adaptability of its user base. While staying current with trends can be enjoyable, it’s paramount to prioritize safety and understanding. Numbers might be shrouded in mystery, but with awareness and discretion, users can navigate this trend with confidence.