Yes you heard right because this Android TV box is the cheapest one with Octa core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU Amlogic S912. Actually the price is around $65 and at the end of article you can see read more about shopping information.

And for this price we believe this is the best box available at this moment. In this article review we will present to you everything you need to know about H96 PRO Plus from benchmark testing to watching movies.

We bought our box at Banggood shop here if you have been wondering.

UPDATE: If you are interested read our newest review for H96 Max Android media player which has 4GB of RAM.


So from what we can see you will receive standard equipment like remote control, power adapter, short user manual, HDMI cable, and of course Android Tv box. Everything is packed in fancy box which gives you premium feeling.

Design and build

Here we don’t spend too much time because mostly all Android box devices have very similar design, and mostly all are made from plastic. So the same situation is also with H96 PRO Plus because the case is made from plastic, at it has more or less the same design like other devices. It has two USB ports, one HDMI, and one port for microSD card.

Performance and benchmark testing

From experience we can tell you that the cheapest devices which costs around $25 are mostly not good quality because they have some shortcomings always. So if you need a good and solid Android box then in reality you need to spend a little more money. So the main question is how much money I need to spend and what is the best choice in this price range group?

We believe that H96 PRO Plus is great choice because it costs only $69.95 and for that money you will receive powerful Android TV box. It is based on Octa core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU Amlogic S912 including 750MHz+ ARM Mali-820MP3 GPU.

When we talk about memory it has 3 GB of RAM including 16 GB of storage space which of course you can upgrade using the microSD card. As you can see really without exaggeration it has strong hardware for this price.

Of course we have tried many different things from playing games, watching movies including 4K movies, going to the Internet we must admit that everything works precisely as it should. To be honest we have been pleasantly surprised because at the beginning we didn’t know what to expect.

Also as we said earlier we have tested PRO Plus with several different benchmark apps, and below you can see the scores.

Playing Retro games 🙂

Actually at this moment playing retro games is very cool, and takes us back to our youth. We really miss this time. It was awesome! So if you want you can normally download and install SNES emulator, and you can play any Super Nintendo game. It is actually super fun.

Video Playback with Kodi 17

Normally Kodi is very important for every media player including this one. H96 PRO Plus comes with the newest Kodi 17 which works like a charm. In other words it works without any lags. You can normally watch movies or TV shows of your choice. We have tried several different video add-ons, and they work as they should to work.


Besides using KODI, there are other choices for which movies or your favorite TV shows. For example you can and instal VLC player. The other thing you’ll need is USB flash drive, and then you can start watching your movies. We have also tried 4K, and 2K movies, and we can tell you that they are also working without lags. We have been very surprised.

4K Dubai 🙂



We noticed that cheaper models does not have some connectivity functions like Bluetooth. Therefore we can tell you that Bluetooth is very important for several reasons. Especially for wireless keyboards, mouses, and most important gamepads. Because mostly all gadgets needs Bluetooth connection.

But don’t worry because PRO Plus has all connectivity functions including Bluetooth v4.1. From other features it has Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ/5.8GHZ  802.11a/b/g/n /ac, and ethernet 100M/1000M.

Conclusion and price info

So the price is actually $69.95 for 3GB/16GB version, and $72 for 3GB/32GB. You can buy it at Banggood here 3GB/16GB, and 3GB/32GB here.

So you can see why we are telling you that H96 PRO Plus is best choice under $100. It has all features which you’ll need, and at the same time it has very powerful hardware like Amlogic S912 and 3GB RAM. Believe us you can’t find better device.

If you have any questions please ask, and of course any comments are welcome


  1. FYI, it actually has 4 usb ports. Two of which are concealed. I have the 3G Ram/32GB Rom Version. I opened it and voila i saw the other two usb ports. I used my tools to create an opening and all the ports are working

  2. Mine came with 17.0 installed and DTS worked well. Upgraded to 17.1 via play store DTS worked well.
    3 days later DTS stopped working. 3 days after that remote would turn H96 off but not on. Had to unplug power and re-plug power to boot device. Great specs but apparently absolute crap firmware!
    Box is going back today.

  3. Mkv videos with DTS and DOLBY HD sound output produces no sound output via HDMI to smart TV.
    How do you overcome that?

    Can SPDIF cables connected to mbox hd96pro+ produce dolby or dts sound on TV or amps?