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3 Benefits Of Smart Home Technology



Technology is evident today. Regardless of your lifestyle and daily routine, technology has likely made your life easier. Several applications and software can now be used to improve productivity, increase comfort, and enhance communication. Technology has also paved the way for the existence of inventions that seemed impossible in the past.

Smart home technology is an example of a great product produced by technology. Although expensive, more and more homeowners are actually investing in this technology for their homes. Since buying a home is one of the most expensive investments anyone can make, smart home technology is now considered as a need rather than a want.

Aside from being a bandwagon, you should also consider investing in smart home technology because it provides the following benefits:

1. Cost-effective

As mentioned, smart home technology comes with an expensive price tag, which is why not everyone can afford to buy it. If the price is the reason why you’re not using this technology, you should start changing your mind.

Smart home technology is a cost-effective investment as you get to enjoy several benefits from it, and these benefits can outweigh the costs. This is one of the biggest reasons why you should already have one in your own home.

Smart home technology can help you save money because it usually sets the alarm the moment it detects water leaks and security breaches. The earlier you notice these problems, the cheaper its fixes will require.

Moreover, smart home technology can also help cut off your energy and utility bills over time. 

This works because a smart home technology provides automation and will only turn on these fixtures if it can detect presence in the room.

The money you save through this technology can be a big help for your daily expenses or when you’re about to move and hire moving companies NYC. Bigger savings can make your move more hassle-free as you’ll be able to afford other services from movers and packers.

2. Safety

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of homeowners spend their hard-earned money in smart home technology is because this can warrant safety in their properties. Smart home technology will include a security system that allows you to monitor any movement inside and outside of your home. You can do this even if you’re at work or on mobile.

With smart home technology, you can easily detect suspicious activities and break-ins. Once these happen, doors will be locked, and security alerts will set off. These can increase the safety and security of your family, even if you’re not always at home.

Smart home technology can also do wonders for homeowners who are living with seniors and infants. This technology will make it very easy for you to determine whether your senior relative or child left the house, and even track their whereabouts after. You can experience peace of mind if you know that you can easily check on your loved ones regardless of your current location.

3. Comfort

Buying a home will require years’ worth of savings, which is why homeowners will always want to maximize their investments. Aside from providing a safe and spacious residence for their families, homeowners would want to experience optimal comfort whenever they are at home – and a smart home technology can provide this need.

A smart home technology allows you to play music throughout your home or record shows automatically. This technology can also adjust your lighting, temperature sound by simply using gestures or your voice. Collectively, these features can create a relaxing and comfortable ambiance whenever you need one.  

Make Smart Decisions

Smart home technology includes different products and software that primarily works by protecting your home and everyone who’s in it. When choosing a smart home technology, make sure that you consider its function, usability, and cost. Don’t forget to look into the customer service of the manufacturer as you’ll need their help as you’re still learning to use their products.

These factors are essential for you to make the most out of your investment and ensure that you can actually experience your desired results. It’s better to delay the purchase and consider these factors first than buying impulsively and then regretting afterward. 

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Tips to Choose Suitable Washing Machine in Your Home



Photo: Pixabay

Selecting the cheap washing machine for your needs can be a bit challenging. With a lot of brands and types of washing machines available out there, the selection process even becomes tougher. There are a few things you should put into consideration to buy the best product. The following page will show you simple tips to help you find the most suitable washing machine for your needs.


Most of the time, washing machine products available in the market come with 5 kg to 18 kg of capacity. If you run a big household and regularly wash bulky items such as bedding, a washing machine with a large capacity will be the rightest option to take. However, a machine with half-full capacity (about 3.5kg on average) will be suitable for most households. One of the easiest ways to determine the capacity of a washing machine you need is by calculating how much you wash in a regular load. It can be done by using the scales of your bathroom.

Cycle Time, Noise, and Drying Time Needed

The next thing you should put into consideration when choosing the best washing machine for your household needs is the cycle time. If you want to have a machine with faster cycle time, the top loaders are the rightest option. However, this type of washing machine will need more water than the front loaders. As for the drying time, the front loader washing machine can provide faster performance. This is because the front loaders come with a higher spin speed that can allow them to extract more water. In this way, the drying time needed is relatively shorter. Due to the faster spin speed, the front loaders usually come with a higher pitch and louder noise.

Room Space

When looking for a washing machine, you also need to consider the space of the room where you want to place the device. Make sure you take into account the space you will need to open the lid or the door, move around with a full basket of dirty laundry, unload or load the machine, and open or close the door of the laundry space. This is also important for you to consider access to the electricity needed to operate the washing machine. If you don’t have much free space to store the washing machine, the front loaders can be the perfect option to take. This type of washing machine will allow you to wall-mount or stack the dryer above the device. They also come with a design that can easily fit in the cabinet space of a standard kitchen.

Easy to Operate

Make sure that the device you choose is handy and easy to use. In this way, you can save more time in doing the chores. When comparing models, you see in the market, make sure to compare the following things:

  • Does it have features you need?
  • Is it to clean the lint filter?
  • Is the labelling on the controls clean?
  • Is the lid opening large enough?
  • Are the fabric and detergent dispensers easy to use?
  • Is the program selection intuitive and straightforward to set?
  • etc.

Child Locks

If you have little kids at home, this child-lock feature is another thing on the washing machine that you should take into account. This is important to improve safety and avoid any accident that involves the machine with your kids. Some washing models available out there come with “child-lock” functions. The feature is usually placed either on the door or a program. In this way, the child-lock function can’t be changed when the cycle is in progress.

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Rakuten Mobile and NEC Begin Production of Open RAN 5G Radio Equipment



World’s first cloud native highly secure 5G network radio equipment to be manufactured in Japan.

Rakuten Mobile, Inc. and NEC Corporation today announced that production of the 5th generation mobile communications system (5G) radio unit (RU) jointly developed by the two companies has started at NEC Platforms, Ltd.’s Fukushima Plant, and the first unit has been shipped.

“NEC’s 5G RU, developed and produced in Japan, will play a very important role in Rakuten Mobile’s fully virtualized cloud native mobile network,” said Tareq Amin, Rakuten Mobile Representative Director, Executive Vice President and CTO. “With the launch of production of the 5G radio unit, we will begin work on the construction of our 5G base stations and will aim to provide our subscribers with a cost efficient, highly secure, high quality 5G service.”

“NEC is very proud to be part of Rakuten Mobile’s advanced 5G network,” said Atsuo Kawamura, Executive Vice President and President of the Network Services Business Unit, NEC Corporation. “The 5G RU, produced at our Fukushima Plant, conforms with open architecture standards, and comes in a compact form factor with low power consumption. By expanding the open 5G ecosystem, NEC will contribute to the creation of new mobile services around the world.”

The new domestically produced, high quality 5G RU is equipped with a 3.7 GHz frequency band massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna in a compact, lightweight form factor with low power consumption. With the 5G RU, Rakuten Mobile will begin the buildout of its 5G network, starting with the construction of base stations in the Tokyo area, and work toward the launch of 5G commercial services in June 2020.

Rakuten Mobile is building the world’s first end-to-end fully virtualized cloud native network, and in October 2019 in Japan successfully implemented the world’s first open, virtualized, distributed radio access network (OpenRAN). In addition, Rakuten Mobile and NEC are also closely collaborating on BSS (Business Support System) and OSS (Operation Support System) solutions for Rakuten Mobile’s 4G network operations.

As 5G networks are an important part of social infrastructure, Rakuten Mobile aims to not only improve the convenience of existing services, but also to utilize the technology to create new business opportunities to solve social issues and contribute to regional development.

NEC, with its focus on providing “Solutions for Society,” will leverage its technological strengths and experience in network construction to support operators in building out their 5G networks and accelerate the expansion of its operations overseas.

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2 New Products By MiOT Ecosystem



MiOT Ecosystem grows rapidly every day. And today we will tell about two newcomers by Xiaomi.

Mi Home brand, also known as Mijia, has announced two new devices at the crowdfunding platform.

Mijia Smart Doorbell 2

Xiaomi officially announced the new generation of smart doorbells. The crowdfunding for this multifunctional device will be launched on March 11. The Chinese manufacturer shared a promo poster showing how the new device looks like. The model supports a remote control system.

The smart doorbell will be available in black color. It will have a rectangular shape with rounded edges. The camera is located on the top and the bell button is situated on the bottom.

Mijia Desk Lamp Lite

The device has 3 lighting units. Users will be able to adjust the angle. The manufacturer uses only safe light sources that do not adversely affect the eyes. The lighting level reaches the mark of 1200 lux. Light is distributed evenly and covers the entire desktop. The light is quite soft, so the eyes do not get tired.

Mijia Desktop lamp Lite supports 3 operating modes: dim, medium and high level of lighting. Users will be able to adjust the brightness of the light according to their needs.

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