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5G Development in 2020 and Beyond



5G technology is about to rapidly expand in 2020, with a greatly enhanced understanding of its capabilities and many new 5G products underway. The technological world in which we live is nearing a massive shift, where we will continually strive toward a lifestyle of “Intelligent Connectivity,” and design and personalize our ideal human experience.

Improved Implementation of 5G Network Bands

There are low, mid, and high frequency 5G bands which may serve different purposes for mobile carriers in order to create the most comprehensive coverage. Low band covers the greatest distances at slower speeds, while high band covers a short distance but at ultra-fast speeds, and mid band is in the middle of both the distance and speed spectrums.

Some carriers may choose to prioritize mid and high band 5G entirely in order to create the speediest connection possible in more populated areas. Other carriers may opt to provide a low band coverage across the country as a basis of stable 5G coverage and dedicate mid and high band coverage to densely populated metropolitan and urban environments.

We can expect that with the improved implementation of 5G network bands, use of 5G devices will become more accessible and commonplace – leading us toward a more interconnected 5G world.

More 5G Smartphones Available at Affordable Prices

At the annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit in December 2019, it was announced that OPPO will launch its flagship 5G smartphone powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 in the first quarter of 2020.

Following December’s launch of the all-new Reno3 Pro, which is equipped with the Snapdragon 765G, OPPO 5G smartphones will also be available, powered by the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform.

“OPPO plans to roll out many more 5G products in the future, driving the large-scale adoption of 5G around the world.” -Allen Wu, OPPO Vice President and President of Global Sales

Alen Wu, OPPO Vice President and President of Global Sales at the Qualcomm 5G Summit in Hawaii earlier this year.

5G Smart Cities and Intelligent Connectivity

Smart Cities and Intelligent Connectivity are looking to be massively benefitted by the expansion of 5G, to create what OPPO believes will be a truly revolutionary user experience.

Some 5G cities have already begun development and are being projected to vastly improve internet connectivity, latency, and speeds in urban areas. Machines will be interconnected by 5G networks in order to support Massive Machine Type Communications, or MMTC – which enables machines to communicate with one another on a large scale and function efficiently as a system.

Bobee Liu, OPPO Vice President and President of Intelligent Mobile Devices at the OPPO Developer Conference 2019 in Beijing

“We aim to create a people-oriented, multi-device, cross-scenario smart lifestyle service in four major areas – personal, home, offices, and travel – focusing strongly on interactive and experiential products. Meanwhile, we will continue to expand our interconnectivity capacity, building a service network to make a new and exciting user experience.” -Bobee Liu, OPPO Vice President and President of Intelligent Mobile Devices

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as 5G and OPPO smart devices in 2020. You can learn more about OPPO plans for an expanding 5G ecosystem at OPPO INNO DAY 2019 recap below.

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Custom Filtration with Capsule Filters from Whatman



Whatman capsule filters consolidate high effectiveness media and imaginative plan highlights with a decision of filtration media for use in a wide scope of uses. A scope of capsule sizes is accessible, empowering clients to scale-up volumes from a couple of liters to a few hundred liters while utilizing a similar channel media type. In any case, when off-the-rack capsule filters don’t adequately address your issues, a custom part or new item configuration could be the arrangement.

Whatman Capsule Filters

The Whatman capsule channel assembles a profoundly compelling media and propelled configuration highlights with a quality decision of filtration mode for utilization in an assortment of uses. The filtration of considerable example volumes needs items that license high procedure channel and rate. There are various sizes of capsules that make it simpler for clients to scale up volumes from a couple of liters up to several liters, utilizing a similar channel type.

There are various types of end fitting for these capsules to empower simple associations along the procedure lines. The Whatman capsule filters are embraced for quick and smooth filtration of various example types. For every item, there is a speedy application manage that shows item appropriateness by test type and application region. A few aides will assist you with realizing the most quality items relying upon molecule maintenance. On certain wholesalers’ page, you will discover end fittings that are accessible for every item run. Note that Whatman capsule filters are delivered with the best materials, and in a flawless domain using the ISO-controlled assembling system. No type of cement is utilized during the time spent creation to advance the item’s immaculateness. This brand of capsule channel or capsule filtration gadgets is trusted and dependable in any application.

Polycap TC

There is basic filtration of infection suspension, nourishment, refreshment, and tissue culture media arrangements that need items that are created and structured with the most recent systems and materials to guarantee that they don’t believe in any capacity, disregard the immaculateness and honesty of the item. The standard of the neatness of the PES filtration film got together with the thorough testing utilized over the span of creation, makes the Polycap TC among the perfect capsules accessible for these applications. Note that the Polycap TC is dispensable, and it has a double layer polyethersulfone (PES) film channel capsules that offer simple filtration for perilous fluid arrangements. The PES is essentially hydrophilic with a brilliant stream rate, less extractable, ecologically inviting, and present low protein authoritative.

Polycap TF

The Poly top TF filters have a PTFE layer. With polypropylene lodging, the capsules are usually made to be used with forceful compound arrangements and natural solvents.

The filtration of enormous example volumes requires items that license high throughput and stream rates. Whatman capsule filters consolidate high proficiency media and inventive plan highlights with a decision of filtration media for use in a wide scope of uses. A scope of capsule sizes is accessible, empowering clients to scale-up volumes from a couple of liters to a few hundred liters while utilizing a similar channel media type. These capsules are accessible with an assortment of end fittings for simple association in the scope of procedure lines. Whatman capsule filters are suggested.

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5 Biggest Breakthroughs of Revolutionary Bluetooth 5.0



Over 20 years of development, Bluetooth has steadily crept its way into becoming a mainstay for all our beloved audio devices. Today, Bluetooth technology stands as a high-quality standard for the top tier mobile phones, PCs, and audio headphones. Wireless Bluetooth has been continually viewed as a convenient luxury, that when matched with quality sound and low latency, is the optimal audio technology to aim for! In recent years, Bluetooth 5.0 has surpassed and majorly replaced its predecessor Bluetooth 4.2. Bluetooth 5.0 is a more than worthy successor – read on to discover 5 of Bluetooth 5.0’s most impactful tech breakthroughs.

Bluetooth Low Energy

With Bluetooth 5.0, all audio devices now communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy – which greatly reduces power consumption. Previous iterations of Bluetooth consumed far more energy, but with Bluetooth 5.0 you can expect your battery will last much longer.

Dual Audio

Bluetooth 5.0 enables you to play audio through two connected audio devices simultaneously. This means you can connect two sets of headphones for a listening session with a friend or enjoy an immersive audio setup with two Bluetooth speaker systems.


Bluetooth 4.0 supports 50 meters of outdoor range and just 10 meters of indoor range. By contrast, Bluetooth 5.0 supports a whopping 200 meters of outdoor range and 40 meters of indoor range – meaning you can reliably connect your Bluetooth 5.0 devices within any reasonable distance.


Bluetooth 5.0 is twice the speed of Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a solid, consistent connection, with zero latency between your devices, delivering the audio experience that you crave.

Bluetooth 5.0 reaches a speed of 2Mbps and bandwidth of 5Mbps, which is fast enough to meet IoT requirements.

IoT and Intelligent Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0 greatly surpasses the speed requirements for IoT devices – making it the perfect companion to 5G in the revolutionary new wave that is OPPO’s Intelligent Connectivity.

Not only is upgrading to Bluetooth 5.0 a lot like getting a faster Wi-Fi connection – it also opens many possibilities for new applications, range consistency, and the future of Intelligent Connectivity!

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NEC to provide facial recognition technology for Mitsui Fudosan hotels



NEC Corporation, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, yesterday announced it will provide a “Smart Hospitality Service” utilizing facial recognition technology for “Sequence”, a newly developed hotel brand by Mitsui Fudosan and Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management.

NEC’s “Smart Hospitality Service” helps to ensure safe, secure, and efficient stays by utilizing facial recognition technology for a wide range of services, including check-in, entering rooms and entertainment facilities, and making cashless payments. Each of these services helps to improve the convenience of hotels, to relieve stress, and to promote a more comfortable experience and stay.

The service links pre-registered facial information with reservation information in advance, allowing guests to complete check-in smoothly and simply with a tablet device equipped with facial recognition. Also, when entering their rooms, guests can unlock the door with just facial recognition, thereby eliminating the need for keys and the concern of having to replace them if they are lost or stolen.

Facial recognition is at the core of NEC’s portfolio of biometric identification technologies, “Bio-IDiom,” and utilizes NEC’s facial recognition AI engine “NeoFace,” which has the world’s No.1 certification accuracy

This service will be available for registered guests who agree to the use of facial recognition. Facial information will not be saved nor used for verification without confirming a guest’s consent.

Check-in and Room Entry with Facial Recognition

In the future, NEC aims to expand the range of its “Smart Hospitality Service,” enabling guests to go sightseeing directly from the airport by checking-in through facial recognition and having baggage delivered to the hotel.

NEC’s “Smart Hospitality Service” allows information on the status of people, things, and processes to be shared across the entire value chain, helping to realize “NEC Value Chain Innovation.”

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