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Access your IP camera with smartphone



Lately I can see that many people buys security cameras mostly from China. IP cameras are more popular than other versions because you can easily connect it to your router. After that you can access the camera on your computer, tablet on even with smartphone.


I think everybody needs at least one security camera. If you closely look you can buy a camera for 50 bucks or more. Also there are cameras with Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to use cable for connectivity. You only need to use cable for power.

Anyway mostly you get power adapter with 1 m cable so you will need to buy extension cord or you can do it yourself if you want. It is also advisable if the camera is far too away from router to use ethernet cable for connection.


As I said in beginning mostly camera’s comes with software which has also application for iOS or Android devices. So this is pretty cool because you can access the camera with your smartphone.

If you want to buy a IP camera, then you could visit the 1949deal shop because they have really good selection.

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