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COVID-19 Floor and Decals social distancing stickers



Please keep your distance, Wait here, 2M/6FT social distancing COVID-19 stickers. Remember using social distancing COVID-19 stickers & decals. We all need some safety features for new danger among us. Corona virus brings something we didn’t see it’s coming.

To be safe, and to keep others in safe environment, public halls, business hallways and other places where people are gathering, these safety stickers are must have.

Social Distancing Floor Sign Decals Stickers COVID-19

Scratch resistant social distancing sign
Social distance COVID 19 sticker

Easy install on the floor, or the wall sticker. Scratch resistant, waterproof 10 piece lot COVID 19 social distancing signs, Coronavirus warning.

Social Distancing Coronavirus Floor Decals

6 ft distance sticker for the floor
Sticker for the floor 6 ft distance

Please Keep Your Distance, Wait Here sign for business, pharmacy, groceries, retailers … This waterproof sticker is made of pressure sensitive adhesive (vinyl) with 11,8” in diameter.

12” Square Social Distancing Floor Decals

Social distance COVID-19 sign, yellow
Square 6ft yellow social distance sign

In this pack you’ll get five pieces of 12” square social distancing floor decals. COVID-19 safety measures bring us safety, mostly with keeping distance in crowded areas. This safety floor sign marker maintains 6 feet distance. Anti slip and highly durable materials makes this decal safe for step on.

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