elephone p5000

As I have wrote before about Elephone P5000 and about his very strong battery which actually has capacity of 5350 mAh. Anyway this is the newest model from Elephone which looks promising. Because it is based on MediaTek MT6592 chipset and it has 2 GB of RAM.

But most interesting thing is that it has the high-capacity battery according to the company the capacity should be 5350 mAh. It supports also fast and reverse charging. Thanks to fast charging you can charge 70% of total capacity in only half an hour! You can also charge other smartphones or precisely it can work as a power bank. For example you can fully charge three times iPhone 6.

So if you are interested to buy Elephone P5000, the regular price is $217.99 but I have coupon code: 1949deal2013 which gives you $5 off. Using coupon you can buy this smart phone at 1949deal web shop.


They also have huge promotion for Cubot X9, about this device we have previously already written. X9 is selling at price $135.69 but also for this smartphone I have coupon: 1949deal0808 which gives you additionally $3 off and you can buy it here.

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