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Huawei Routers Take Top Spot in 2019 Global Carrier Market



Photo: Pixabay

Huawei routers took top spot in the global carrier market in 2019 according a recent report by Omdia (formerly IHS Markit), an authoritative international research institute.

Huawei routers maintained their leading position in 2019, following their rise to the top of the carrier market in 2018. In the backbone router market, Huawei routers have maintained their top position for three consecutive years. Moreover, this is the first time that Huawei routers took top spot in the metro router market, making Huawei routers No. 1 in the overall global carrier market as well as niche markets.

Huawei’s continuous investment and efforts in the router field are the key enablers of this achievement. Adhering to a customer-centric philosophy, Huawei continuously carries out technological innovations in innovative products and solutions, next-generation protocols, and intelligent O&M. To address the rapid growth of traffic in the 5G and cloud era, Huawei released the NetEngine 8000 series — the industry’s only router that supports E2E 400GE. This series of cutting-edge routers is able to handle the ten-fold increase in traffic, while simultaneously minimizing the cost per bit, in the 5G and cloud era. Huawei also launched the industry’s first IP network solution with committed SLA to meet the stricter bandwidth, latency, and availability requirements of 5G vertical industries. Technologies such as FlexE-based network slicing, latency-based routing by SRv6, and iFIT-enabled fault locating within minutes provide committed network bandwidth, guaranteed latency, and high network availability, ensuring high-quality transport of vertical industries. In addition, iMaster Network Cloud Engine (NCE) enables full-lifecycle automation and intelligence of networks, driving networks to evolve towards autonomous driving networks.

Huawei’s growing market share has been possible because of the trust that both customers and the industry alike have in Huawei.

In February, during MWC 2019, Safaricom, Kenya announced that it chose Huawei to build the world’s first E2E 400GE backbone network. In the same month, China Telecom Sichuan announced that it would cooperate with Huawei to deploy the industry’s first SRv6 commercial site.
In May, Huawei’s X-Haul 5G transport solution won the 5G Transport Industry Leadership Award at the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2019.

In June, the NetEngine 8000 series intelligent routers and iFIT solution won the Best of Show Gold Award and Special Prize, respectively, at Interop Tokyo 2019.

In October, the NetEngine 8000 series intelligent routers won the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Global Service Router New Product Innovation Leadership Award.

In November 2019, China Mobile and Huawei jointly released the industry’s first 5G smart healthcare private network based on the SLA-committed transport solution.

Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line has been developing routers since 1995. Following 25 years of continuous R&D investment, Huawei has become a leading provider of intelligent IP networks, with its products and solutions being deployed in more than 130 countries and regions. Its leading share in the router market attests to its leading position in the carrier market and wide recognition among global carriers. With a focus on ultra broadband, committed SLA, and autonomous driving network in the 5G and cloud era, Huawei will continuously innovate to help global carriers build intelligent IP networks that can evolve to autonomous driving networks to support 5G in enabling various industries and facilitate cloudification of millions of enterprises.