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Oppo folding prototype smartphone is a first flip phone



If you go back to the ’90s and the beginnings of the 2000s you surely remember that everyone wanted a smaller phone. At that time small phones were absolutely hit especially flip phones. My favourite was surely a Nokia 8210 – what a great phone. At that time it was a reasonable and there was no need for a phone with a huge screen as the situation is now. Chinese company Oppo brings us back to that time with folding prototype smartphone.

Today is completely different situation when we talk about smartphones because it is quite normal to have a 5 inch phone or bigger. Still some people is not happy about that because now phones are too much bigger than before and sometimes they take too much space.

oppo-folding-phone Therefore Oppo is working on folding smartphone which could be first flip smartphone. Design is very similar to the flip phones designed but it is bigger like a tablet which has a hinge in the middle, so in that way it can be smaller when folded.

This prototype has the Android OS and at this moment we don’t know any information about hardware specifications. Also Samsung is working on similar design which they showed back in October of last year. We believe that we could see this type of phones really soon.

Source: Zaeke

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