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Panasonic demonstrated flexible battery!



We believe that at this moment the biggest challenge for folding mobile phones is not the screen, actually the current folding flexible screen technology is already very mature, but the major problem is battery.

As you may already know battery is a very dangerous part of any device especially smartphones. Because if you bend it it can easily lead to leakage of chemical raw materials inside, which can cause the risk of explosion.

But human science and technology has always been in progress, it seems that some people have found ways to bend the battery. Also if this kind of battery can be successful, then we believe that in the future in the wearable devices, smartphones can have unlimited space for development.

So just a few days ago on CES 2017, Panasonic has demonstrated the prototype flexible battery. Where the largest battery size 60x65mm, medium size 35x55mm and minimum 28.5x39mm. Three kinds of battery thickness of only 0.45 mm, even thinner than credit cards, credit card thickness of 0.76 mm. The weight is 1-2 grams.

At demonstration it is said that the battery can be rolled into a radius of 25 mm semicircle, or 25 degrees angle wound, even if the power will only lose 1%.

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