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The best beamUP garage door opener review




Find the best garage door opener from the well-known brand beamUP. Beam Up garage door opener could be the one you want to have. Choose the model you need, after reading our review on beamUP models Workhorse, Sentry, and Centurion.

These garage door openers are distributed all over the US, with great consumer ratings.

Therefore, this review could help you make a decision to make the right choice, and buy a best-fit beamUP garage door opener for your garage. Check for more details about Beam Up garage door opener models available in the U.S.

BeamUP Workhorse review

BeamUP model Workhorse has a 3/4 horsepower strong DC motor. This garage door opener (BeamUP BU100) can be installed on a 7’ tall sectional garage door (8’x7’ single, or 16’x7’ double sectional garage door). It provides smooth and quiet operation, altogether with a long lifetime.

The Workhorse garage door opener (BeamUP BU100) installs easily without any special tools needed. In conclusion, you can follow step-by-step installation manuals, and video tutorials, for effortless BeamUP Workhorse installation. If needed, you also have telephone tech support provided.

BeamUP Workhorse

Lifting power: 3/4 HPe
Drive Type: Heavy-Duty Chain
Security Lighting: LED 1500 lumens 100W
Remote: 1-button
Door Control: Standard

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Powerful DC motor provides safety, reliability, and security for many years to come. DC motor works in cooperation with a durable, high-grade reinforced steel chain drive. Therefore, this combination provides long-lasting, and MAX reliable performance.

Integrated 1500 lumen energy-efficient LED lighting is more than enough to easily navigate through your garage at any time of day. LED technology reduces lifetime costs (smaller electric bills, and long-lasting LED lights).

BeamUP Sentry garage door opener review

The Sentry (BU400) beamUP comes with WiFi technology, and it is a smart home device able to connect to Alexa. This model delivers security features, altogether with smart technologies.

Basic design enables an effortless installation of up to 7’ garage doors (no matter 8’x7’ or 16’x7’). BeamUP Sentry provides smooth and quiet operation. In addition, if you need something more powerful (8’ or 10’ doors) an extension kit is required.

BeamUP Sentry

Lifting power: 3/4 HPe
Drive Type: Heavy-Duty Chain
Security Lighting: LED 3000 lumens 200W
Remote: 3-button
Door Control: Multi-Function

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An ultra-reliable 3/4 horsepower equivalent DC motor provides safety, reliability, and security for a long lifetime. Furthermore, the sentry beamUP smart garage door opener can be controlled from a long distance, using your smartphone and app installed.

LED 3000 lumen (200w) light works in combination with an integrated motion-detector, providing the comfort you’ll need, altogether with a secure and safe while you’re in a garage.

It installs easily. Therefore, to install a beamUP garage door opener you won’t need any special tools. Just follow the step-by-step installation guide and make it work in your garage.

Integrated LED light (3000 lumens) delivers energy efficiency, and comfort while you’re in a garage, no matter what time it is.

Centurion beamUP review

In addition, to get a complete beamUP review here comes the third model (BeamUP Centurion – BU800). This one brings smart control, with Alexa enabled connection.

You can install BeamUP Centurion on a single garage door (8’x7′) or (16’x7′) double door. Furthermore, the Centurion garage door opener comes with a belt-drive, which provides smooth and ultra-quiet operation of your garage door. It is designed for garage doors up to 7’ high. For 8’ and 10’ garage doors you’ll need an extension kit.

1-1/4 HPe DC motor is powerful enough to lift even the heaviest garage doors. This motor, altogether with a powerful transmission, delivers ultra-reliable, quiet, and safe garage door operation.

The Centurion smart garage door opener enables smartphones to access and control over long distances.

BeamUP Centurion

Lifting power: 1-1/4 HPe
Drive Type: Heavy-Duty Belt
Security Lighting: LED 3000 lumens 200W
Remote: 3-button
Door Control: Multi-Function

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It has an integrated motion-activated 3000 lumen (200W) edge-to-edge LED light. In other words, this security feature is necessary to navigate through your garage at any time of the day.

BeamUP Centurion installs without any special tools required. Therefore, you can install it by yourself, with basic DIY knowledge and skills. Just follow official step-by-step installation guides, read product manuals, and watch video tutorials. In addition, by installing it by yourself you can save some extra, by not paying $150-$200, for garage door opener installation.

Workhorse vs Sentry vs Centurion

Read this short comparison of beamUP garage door openers. Beam Up garage door opener models comparison side-by-side.

Workhorse garage door opener comes with a 3/4 Horsepower equivalent heavy-duty chain drive combined with a DC motor. The Workhorse has a 1500 lumen (100W) LED light, a photo-eye safety system, single-button remote control with ClearCom technology, and door control. In conclusion, this model is compatible with ALL generations of HomeLink as well.

Sentry garage door opener has a 3/4 HP equivalent heavy-duty chain drive and DC motor. Integrated, motion-activated 3000 lumens (200-Watt) LED light provides a security lighting system. In addition, BeamUP Sentry comes with a Smart Garage Door Controller, Wireless Door Sentry, Photo Eyes, 3-Button ClearCom Remote, and Multi-Function Wall Button. Smart features provide all comfort you’ll need.

Centurion garage door opener is equipped with a 1-1/4 HPe DC motor with an ultra-quiet belt drive combination. Above all, the Centurion comes with an integrated, motion-activated 3000 lumen (200W) LED security lighting system. In addition, this light system works with beamUP smart technologies.