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OVERHEAD DOOR: Infinity, Destiny, and Odyssey garage door openers review



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We are writing a short review on an OVERHEAD DOOR garage door opener, mentioning the most common models people are buying. Furthermore, we are going to write a review on 3 different garage door opener models. Therefore, read about Infinity, Destiny, and Odyssey, 1000 garage door opener review that follows.

Overhead Door is a well-known brand from the US, with great service and support. Above all, their products are in the top 5 in this niche – Automatic garage door control. Overhead door is a company that delivers powerful, quiet, and durable products, all together with safety and security. Garage door openers are designed for best performance and reliability.

Let’s write a short garage door openers review, and choose the right model for a garage door.

Overhead Door review Infinity, Destiny, Odyssey

In this post, we are going to write a review on 3 different garage door opener models. Therefore, read about OVERHEAD DOOR Infinity, Destiny, and Odyssey, to learn their main differences and to choose the best system for your home.

In conclusion, these are the most wanted models, and here comes a review of each one.

Infinity 2000 garage door opener review

This one, the Infinity 2000 garage door opener is well known all around the USA, and quite good for the price you’ll pay. Infinity 2000 garage door opener review.

Overhead Door remote control. Model: OCDTR-3, CodeDodger garage door opener remote with 3 buttons. Check on Amazon.

The Infinity 2000 is a quiet, powerful, and still, the compact opener to fit a wall-mount installation. It is easy to install and operate. In addition, Infinity 2000 opener comes with OHD Anywhere® Wi-Fi and battery backup capabilities. Above all, it has a unique side-mounted position to fit perfectly into garages where the headroom is limited or space is constrained. Inside the main unit, you have a 24V powerful DC motor, strong enough for lifting most residential doors weighing up to 850 lbs.

Infinity 2000 features

Therefore, if you decide to go with an Infinity 2000, this is what you’ll get. Furthermore, Infinity 2000 garage door opener comes with a DC motor with variable speed for soft start and stop. This way the owner has a smooth, quiet operation, less wear, and tear (long work cycle). A 24V DC motor is able to deliver opening speed up to 7.5″/second.

OHD Anywhere technology (Wi-Fi and smartphone control) is optional.

The battery backup unit is optional and easy to upgrade later on. In other words, if you experience a limited power outage, we recommend buying and installing the Overhead door Battery backup unit.

In addition, integrated cable tension monitoring is smart enough and helps you to monitor tension to prevent cables to become unspooled.

CodeDodger access security system works in a way to change codes each time the remote is activated. In other words, each time the remote control is activated, a new access code is selected from 4.3 billion possible combinations. Furthermore, this feature helps you to stay safe and secure from any piracy of the radio signal that opens your door.

​​Lighting system for the garage. LED light delivers 1800 lumens and flexibility to place fixtures anywhere in the garage.

​​The door lock system ensures that the door cannot be opened from the outside without first pulling the release handle from inside.

In other words, automobile convenience features are compatible with HomeLink and Car2U systems.

Destiny 1500 garage door opener review

The Destiny 1500 garage door opener has a direct drive system that provides the ultimate power, reliability, and fast operation. In addition, this feature is patented, and useful for the durability and quality of the products we deliver. Destiny 1500 review. You can install this garage door opener system altogether with Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone. In other words, this way users can easily control garage doors.

Destiny 1500 features

​The Destiny 1500 comes with OHD Anywhere to enable Wi-Fi and smartphone control. ​Reliable operation even if you experience a limited power outage is possible if you choose to install the Destiny 1500 garage door opener with a battery backup unit.

Overhead Door O3T-BX garage door opener remote. Remote with 3 buttons, key chain, or visor placement. Check on Amazon.

DC power 140V motor delivers the power to lift almost any residential door. This motor also delivers a maximum opening speed of up to 12 inches per second.

​Auto seeks frequency range works in a way that the opener listens for both the 315 or 390 Mhz frequency emitted by the remote or wireless keypad. This feature allows you to control garage doors even if frequency interference appears.

In addition, DoorDetect technology is monitoring door operations and delivers the optimal amount of power needed to efficiently and smoothly open even the heaviest doors. The system has an auto-stop feature to stop the door when an abnormal operation is detected.

The lighting system helps you while you’re in a garage. Two 100 Watt bulbs will activate automatically when motion is detected, delivering additional convenience and security.

Odyssey 1200 garage door opener review

Just like the previous model, the Odyssey 1200 garage door opener features a patented direct drive system also. The Odyssey 1200 has all the lifting force needed to raise sectional doors up to 14 ft. high or one-piece doors up to 8 ft. high. Don’t go away. Stay and read an Odyssey 1200 review, and all the features of this garage door opener.

Odyssey 1200 features

This garage door opener comes with a 140V powerful DC motor. Furthermore, the Power Plus motor has quiet operation, speed, and durability. In addition, use your garage without any hassle and enjoy the convenience of a maximum opening speed. This garage door opener delivers up to 10 inches per second when opening garage doors.

Overhead Door garage door opener. Master remote control is compatible with all Overhead door and genie garage door opener products from 1993 to the present. Check on Amazon.

​Auto seeks frequency range works for both the 315 or 390 Mhz frequency emitted by a remote or wireless keypad. This feature allows reliable operation even if there is frequency interference near your garage.

Above all, the DoorDetect system delivers the optimal amount of power needed. This way Odyssey 1200 works smoothly with efficiency while garage doors open or close. Also, the safety feature stops the door when an abnormal operation is detected.

In conclusion, Odyssey 1200 has a 2-bulb lighting system with a motion detector. Therefore, two 100 Watt bulb lighting systems deliver safety and convenience.

​CodeDodger access security system selects a code from billions of combinations each time a remote or wireless keypad is used. In other words, this way the Odyssey 1200 is preventing the piracy of the radio signal.

​Direct drive is a patented direct drive screw system that provides a powerful and reliable performance. A direct drive system means no gears, chains, or belts to wear out (nothing to maintain). Using this system, the owner has no worry about additional lubrication.